You have the power to run your own thoughts and to decide to
increase the level of your self-esteem. Here is a new
approach on self-esteem using the kind of states and emotions you
experience every day: acceptation, appreciation and esteem. You
will use these feelings or states of mind to increase your
level ofself- esteem whenever you want.

Practicing these four steps to enhance your self esteem will
change the way you see yourself and the way you feel about

1. A state of acceptation
First, access an experience of acceptation of an outside
event, for example a traffic jam or the weather. It is something
you may not necessary like but you can accept it. Feel the
emotion and notice your posture, your sensations and how you

What are you thinking and how are you thinking it? Notice the
tension in your muscles. Are you relaxed?

You will now amplify this state and emotion inside of you
until it reaches 8 or 9 on a scale from 1 to 10. Let the feeling
of acceptance build and make an anchor by touching your left
wrist, or whatever part of your body that seems ok for you.

2. A state of appreciation
Secondly, access an experience of appreciation for something
outside of you, for example your baby, a sunset or your

In the same way, notice your posture and your sensations
in your hands head and body? Let this feeling of appreciation
build as well and make an anchor by touching the same part of
your body as in step 1.

3. A state of esteem.
Third, access an experience of esteem of something marvel
about, someone you admire, something you honour and esteem

Notice your posture and the sensations in your body. What
do you look like when you are standing in awe? How is your

Let this feeling of esteem/awe build as well and make an
anchor by touching the same part of your body as in step1.

4. Apply to Self and Your Life.
Now, you're going to think about yourself and touch the
part of the body you selected in step 1. And as the process of
"esteeming yourself" continues, notice how your thoughts and
emotions change about yourself because you can now easily
feel appreciation for your skills and abilities; you can feel
acceptance about those things in your life that you may
not like; you can feel esteem for yourself as a human being.

Finally, every time you are tempted to feel critical of
yourself, you can do this! It's up to you!

The fact is that you're important and it's like the world
tries to pull you down by saying "you're not enough good…thin
enough…smart enough…" The fact is that you are somebody
and you have value. Your contribution to the world is important.

This exercise helps you so you know it emotionally and not just

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