Everyone is bound to experience unhappiness in his or her life. I am sure you have had some unpleasant memories too, perhaps some which are of real painful ones? Well, forget the past and move on and let time heal your pain, a lot would advise you. But if I were to just ask, I am sure you can still name me a pretty lot of those unpleasant memories of yours? And to be mentioning them again, some would still hurt a lot isn’t it?

So here, what does it suggests? Very simple, it just goes to say that you have not forgotten them! But does this then mean you are not ready to move on?

Well, we humans are by nature affectionate with feelings and emotions and to be feeling down and unhappy at times is inevitable. But then, this is nevertheless the gift of ours. Now, I am sure you wouldn’t want to be one who is cold blooded and without any feeling of love and affection? Then, the presence of unpleasant memories has got to just be part and parcel of your life. You see, it is only when you actually went through unhappiness, will you be able to then understand and truly appreciate the gift of happiness. And just as you are not able to forget all those sweet and wonderful memories of yours, there is no way you can simply forget the unpleasant past. To forget the past, that is only running away from reality. Rather, you should instead of forgetting them, remember and accept them.

Now follow this scenario. Imagine you enjoying your vacation and suddenly you receive an overseas phone call from back home with the news that your mum met with a car accident and is in hospital. Receiving such news, no matter how fun and exciting your holiday is, you definitely won’t be able to enjoy yourself anymore isn’t it? But what if we say that at the next instant, you receive a follow-up call informing you that it was only a very minor accident and your mum has been discharged?

You see, what that happened is you actually went through a state of drastic change in emotion. On hearing about the accident, you got scared and worried, overwhelmed by fear and anxiety; the more you think about it the more fear and anxiety grew within you, weighing you down each and every second. But on receiving next the good news, you let go of them all. And yes, the very key here is you Let Go! Once again, you return back to your normal self and were back smiling again. And why is this so? That is because you have let go of all those fear and were no longer burdened by them anymore. You understood clearly the situation, knowing very clearly that the problem has been resolved and there is no need for you to worry further. Well, when there is nothing for you to worry, why would there still be unpleasantness of fear and anxiety?

And well, the same principle applies here. To move on, you have to learn to let go of the unpleasant past. But to get it clear, by asking you to let go is not asking you to try and forget the past. As mentioned, it is not going to be easy for you to just forget all those past unpleasantness. Yes, you may claim that you are able to forget some though. But here, you have to understand that those are just the insignificant events that have got not at all any harsh impact on you and which is why you are able to forget them very easily. In short, you have understood their insignificance and let go of them. And hence to be saying, for those that that still haunt you, you have yet to understand them enough; you are still unwilling to accept the fact that they actually happened.

Now, everything in life happen for a reason and the reason for going through these unhappiness is actually to help you to better understand yourself, to allow you to grow wiser and to move on and progress in life.

Ok, just picture your life to be a test. Now, in that many tests which you have taken, I am sure you didn’t score a perfect full mark for all of them? And why is it so? That is because you didn’t fully understand every of what was tested? And should you be to retake the tests, why would you do to ensure that you score a full mark? Well, to be able to achieve full mark this time, you have to study and understand the mistakes that you have earlier made. And here, to be able to truly move on in life, you have to study and understand your unhappiness just like how you would for your mistakes in your tests. Instead of clinging on so tightly, you should examine where things actually went wrong and correct on them. Take for instance a break up in relationship, you should instead of refusal, graciously accept it as a learning experience for you to improve on yourself, to understand your mistakes and to hence be able to do better in your next relationship. Well, think about it. If you are not going to open up yourself, do you think you can fare better in your next relationship? Even if you were to be given another chance to patch up with him or her, of what difference would it make if you are going to remain immature still and not willing to adopt changes?

Now, I would choose to believe that you are mature enough to think for yourself. To cling on to your unhappiness or to stand up and courageously face them, it is all up to you. But I am sure you will make a wise choice, yeah? Afterall, if you have had that courage to stand up again and again despite all those hurtful falls when you were a baby, I am sure you can once again stand up on your feet to walk on and move on? Don’t let your unpleasant past be an obstacle to you, let it be instead a driving force for you to move on and progress in life. Let go of the unpleasant past now, happiness is what you should deserve.

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