It is very rightly said that what your child does at 13 very much
decides what he will be doing at 30. If he learns to hold his
head high no matter what comes, he will certainly sow seeds of
happiness, success and prosperity that he can reap when he
becomes an adult.

It is the duty of every parent to create a atmosphere where a
child can learn to be self-confident, responsible and courageous.

Believe in the ability of your child, encourage him to take
initiative and you will be amazed to see what he can do!

1. Be self-confident as a parent
Children learn by imitating adults, and as parents are the ones
who stay the most with the child, the child gets to become like
his parents. A self-confident behavior on part of the parent
unconsciously establishes self-confident nature as a life skills
of the child. A child is a great observer. So much so that it has
been said that a child is the father of man! Observation makes
the first half of learning while doing makes the second half.

So if he observes you staying idle, not completing your tasks in
time, getting confused at the last hour and the resulting fights
and bouts of your temper, he might never know the right way to
handle situations. He will also be struggling with devils like
procrastination and indiscipline.

2. Give time to your baby.
Spending time with your baby is very important. It may be very
tempting to put the baby in a daycare and carry on with your day-
to-day activities as a parent.

You may have an excuse that, after all, you are working so that
you can earn and all your earning is for none other than the
child. However, what your child needs is you and your time.

His treasures are the games you play with him, the long walks
you take him to, the way you help in his studies, and the way
you tell him what he means to you. This imbues a sense of
security in the child that makes him automatically confident.

He knows that he has nothing to worry about. Once your
child gets strong and self-confident, he won't need your money,
as he will have the aptitude and strength to go out and earn for
himself. As the old proverb goes, give a fish to a man and you
take care of him for one day. Teach a man how to fish and you
take care of him for a lifetime. That is how it must be!

3. Be a loveable family.
The best thing a man can do for his child is to love his mother.

Yes. Nothing works better. Children are the worst sufferers
should there be any troubles between you and your spouse. These
little souls are too sensitive and your yelling at each other
cuts deep in his heart and puts lasting scars.

A baby is a gift, the most amazing thing nature can gift you
- he is your blood. Make sure you take care of him.

Love is the most essential thing of all, for in a home where
there is love can happiness and prosperity be far behind?

4. Have faith in your child.
As parents, you may have many concerns about the safety and
security of your child, but make sure you don't overprotect your
child. You cannot be everywhere for him and it's he himself who
has to learn to make his mark in this world.

Faith is the best encouragement. To be trusted is sometimes
an even greater compliment that being loved.

5. Trust your child and give him small tasks to complete. Nothing is
as grand for a child than being given the responsibility to
handle a task. He feels honored. His self-worth increases.

Guide him to complete task successfully and soon he will have his
unique way of doing things. Nature gave him the wings of
imagination. Don't clip them. Encourage him and let him fly.

You can make a difference in your child's life if you treat him
with love. Laugh with her. Be humble. If you want them to be happy,
be happy. If you want them to be confident, be confident.

Teach your children the importance of having a sense of vision of
what they would like to accomplish in life.

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