It’s holiday time again. Do you feel panic and fear – oh no, holiday time? If you suffer from aviophobia or fear of flying you really do feel miserable. Every year are you forced to bear the anxiety of packing a bag for the sake of a family holiday or are you left behind while your family jets off to the sun? Perhaps you have to fly for work reasons. Now is the time to get rid of that fear with hypnosis. Hypnosis can really make a difference to how you view and endure your flight.

In most cases (yes, you read correctly most), the fear/anxiety has nothing to do with flying – it’s just that the anxiety of, perhaps, a break-up or food poisoning and then flying superimposed this anxiety onto flying so that the next time one was flying their subconscious mind recalled the upset of the previous flight and thereby a fear of flying was born. Remember the subconscious mind’s raison d’etre is to protect you but it only has the logic of a 6 year old child so is not exactly informed. Here is what happens – you subconscious mind remembers you being upset, nervous and anxious and will associate this with the flight (this is how it is recorded into your subconscious mind files) so the next time you think about flying, your subconscious flicks through its files “flying = sick, nervousness, upset, anxiety, _________ “- you fill in the blank. And so you feel you have a fear of flying and each time you think about it, the anxiety just grows and grows inside you.

Think of all the time you waste in an upset state of mind at the thought of going on holidays and then the same upset at the thought of the return journey and perhaps, each time you enjoy your holiday a little less as more and more time is being eaten up with thoughts of stress and anxiety regarding the flight.

Now it is time to change this. Hypnosis allows you to access the file marked “fear of flying” and re-write it. Sounds simple enough but you have to want to overcome the fear of flying. A hypnotic session will take you step by step through the stages of your discomfort from your trigger to the end of the flight. With hypnosis you mentally rehearse all stages of the flying experience from booking the flight (if that’s your trigger) to landing. You learn that you are actually in control of your anxiety/nervousness and that you make it smaller. You are allowed to have a natural apprehensive but it is relative to the situation. We all have different triggers and no two people will suffer the fear of flying in the same way.

Your emotions are not who you are, they are a component that you control so take control of your flying anxiety (hypnosis makes it easier) and make flying a pleasure for you. As mentioned, you cannot do this for others you have to want to make the change.

Good luck and here’s to overcoming your fear of flying with hypnosis and relaxed flying. Isn’t that worth wanting?

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Zita Stanley is a qualified hypnotherapist/psychotherapist in Ireland where she works in Dublin and Co. Laois. What the mind can believe, the mind can achieve. Websites,