One thing we don’t think much about is the power of our words beyond the external, commonly defined meaning of the words. But, as you may know from your own explorations into sound, words also have an internal vibration from which they derive the core, or essence, of their meaning. This knowledge of the inner meaning of sounds has been essential in the chanting of ancient spiritual traditions of every culture around the world.

Not only do our words have the power to invoke the objects of our intent – they also carry the underlying vibration that makes the objective intent itself possible.

So, how would you go about knowing the deep meaning of the words you choose? One place to start is with the vowels. You can begin by exploring the power of your own name as it is expressed in its vowels. My teacher, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) has given a map of the distilled, or abstract, meanings of the vowels:

Ah – purity

Eh – placement

EEE – awareness

Oh – innocence, teachability

OOO – Carrying

Of course, these meanings are abstractions, or metaphors for the vibration itself. What you can do is take some time to speak* each vowel, examine vowels within the context of what you would call important words, spend time toning** each vowel – and then journal your discoveries. Pay attention to any emotions, thoughts, colors, pictures, or other sensations that may come up. You can also try this out on other words that show up in your life a lot.

We start with just the vowels because they carry the internal energy core of the meaning of the words. Have fun exploring!

Blessings and Happy Trails,

Robin Kissinger

* In speaking the vowels, take time to express them in as many ways as you can – loud, soft, sliding up or down, with as many different insinuations of meaning as you can. This helps you discover how you have used these basic sounds.

** Toning is taking the spoken vowel sound and simply extending the length of time that you hold it out. This will automatically produce a tone. Again, try the tones high, low, loud, soft, wavering. Try to be aware of the tones in different parts of your body or head.

Author's Bio: 

Robin Kissinger has performed (piano) in chamber music concerts on stages in London, Budapest, Seoul and around the United States. For 26 years she taught in colleges and universities around Baltimore, MD – teaching piano and coaching opera workshop and chamber music. She founded, directed and performed in the acclaimed (in Maryland) contemporary chamber music ensemble, Polaris, for four years and premiered compositions written for her cellist partner and herself.

Over the past 15 years Robin has been studying the power of vocal sound with many teachers, including Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect) and various indigenous teachers. Robin has conducted many workshops in the power of song and chant and leads a group that meets every Sunday night (from 7-9pm) in Monument, Colorado. She has also assisted in healing ceremonies with indigenous elders at sacred sites using her knowledge of the power of song and chant.

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