I vividly recall being told as a child “You think the world revolves around you!” How much truth and power was in that statement. It was meant as a chastisement of course. We spend so much of our early lifetime forgetting the ultimate truth. We are the creator!
In essence the world does revolve around us.

We create our world in consciousness continually. Then we look at it and judge it. It seems to never be what we think it should be. We spend money, time and energy to “improve” it. We miss the ultimate truth, which is – it is perfect just the way it is.

If you have been on a spiritual path for some time, you notice that the true message in all the teachings is loving what is. We have been taught our entire lifetime to seek something outside of us. We think that things or relationships will bring us peace or happiness.

How do we learn to love what is? It is the ancient quest. A great way to start is to begin really appreciating what is. If you look at the truth, as yourself as the creator, you will begin to really feel appreciation. It will expand beyond your judgments. Begin to observe your surroundings, the events, the feelings. All are beautiful creations. Notice how magnificent it is to feel!! We have been taught to judge our feelings. Happiness is good, sadness is bad, joy is wonderful, depression is bad. The ultimate truth is that an infinite being can only experience joy. We have learned to call our range of emotions by different names and then judged them.

There are many tools, processes and teachings that will guide you there. The journey of self discovery, of awareness of the truth, is a beautiful one. We have been taught to be in the moment. The best way to achieve that is to maintain the awareness of an observer. Watch your life like you are watching a movie. Appreciate the brilliance of the sets, the storyline, the actors, and the way it all comes together so magnificently. You cannot feel anything but true awe and amazement when you come from that place.

This awareness leads to the feeling of oneness. As the judgments fall away, you become aware of the feeling of being all that you experience. The illusory separation begins to dissolve.

I invite you to become the observer or your very own Oscar winning movie – in all it’s brilliance!

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Heimstra is a Life Coach who loves working with clients to live a more authentic life.