It’s interesting. 2005 a brand new year, and yet the ‘new’ wishes and blessings we would wish on our family and friends seems to have dissipated with the after Christmas tragedy in the Indian ocean. Is it really a tragedy?

What are we to do? Be? We have gone through the eye of the needle as we embarked on our spiritual searches, discovering our inner child, our abuses, neglects, betrayals, past life times, and the like, to become more self-responsible and authentic human beings, true spirit being within a human body. But how do we as a race of humanity comprehend the magnitude of transformation when we watch our beautiful innocent children dying, people whose lives are built on faith, trust and family, homes on a tropical shoreline be torn to bits never to be repaired. Family businesses and lives ended with one huge wave.

It’s Mother Earth’s calling . . . .

Are we really to judge this situation and any situation that will come, or has already passed us by, as other than in alignment with the highest good of our planet? A planet of change, duality, flow, birth, death, movement and most of all, love. Who are we that we would sit in judgment without capturing our own God mind within the presence of our own heart? Why would we do all that work on ourselves only to end up judging what has happened as if we could have stopped it anyway? NO! I say this is our time to stand in our internal strength and say compassionately, I see the blessings in this act and I will stand by God and Mother Earth’s choice to act it out as perfect, as it is! If I can be of any assistance on any level, then I shall show up in my fullest energy, with all my resources available to assist my brothers and sisters in their time of need. All that I have learned I give, I share with all as I am you and you are the other me.

Most of all, it is time to speak these situations as they truly are – in reverence of life, as change, the one true constant! As we talk with each other about what has happened, what are we saying? Are we reporting facts, empowerment, and love? Or are we passing along fear, panic, judgment, heresay, and other made up stories from stories? Watch the pathway of the energy you are choosing to share with others about this situation, heck about any situation. That energy will manifest itself immediately as you! Watch what you say. You have been doing your work and you are watching for signs of assistance, then watch what you say as your own symbol of assistance because you are God/dess. Use your own faith, love and masterful empowerment to emplore your fellow sisters and brothers to be Truthful, Faithful only to the highest good that has come to pass, an earthquake, a tsunami and transformation of life.

Is your reverence for life matching what you are saying, focusing on, speaking to others and then asking them to share with you? Are you in agreement to the tragedy or the grace? Feel those words prior to your speaking them. Watch them form and heal whatever form that is of lack. For we are in blessed grace at this time, it is only of our or your own recognition that will keep causing it to be grace and blessings. This is Mother Earth’s call of the highest of humanity, to stand tall with and among each other and raise yourself to your highest upgrade and maintain that space as we organically move into the next phase of our collective transformation. See it, feel it, and know its grace is right now, in every move that is made for the reconstruction of the eastern countries. As we watch them rebuild, even participate in some way in their re-building, we see ourselves changing. This is a growth time for us all. Any stagnation will only cause a tumor to erupt somewhere else, maybe even within. Let yourself be free of any stagnation and move, let go, give only from your heart, your love and be One with all your brothers and sisters as we move from day to day’s transformation. Each day will be different, yet profound, by your watchful eyes, ears, heart.

I say it’s the perfect time for us all to stand together, hold hands and never let go as the metaphor’s increase, the symbology gets more and more real, everyday of our lives. Know that we are One, in thought, prayer and word.

Know that – every word is a prayer.

Author's Bio: 

Sheryl was ordained a Melchizadek Priestess in 1996. The Melchizedek teachings are from Christ’s lifetime. The teachings were all done orally by Priests of the time and are to embody the frequencies of love and harmony which allows for the ability to radiate these frequencies. There is also a teaching on transmutation and receiving information through the innate wisdom of your cells. In our language today, it’s called 'walking your talk'.

In, April of 1997 she fell off a 50 foot cliff, healed in four weeks by the power and grace of God and learned the Universal Truths. She learned to heal herself, all her gifts were awakened to be used for our collective growth at this time using the frequencies of Truth and Universal Law from the collective consciousness and the Ancient Mystery Schools. See the book about this experience at her website where you can read the first chapter for free at

Sheryl became a Reiki Master Teacher, October, 1997. She also spent much time in study and ceremony with native american, vedic teachings and native hawaiian shamanic teachings.

She was initiated with the blue ray of Archangel Michael, golden ray of Christ and violet ray of St. Germain, white ray of Mother Mary, purity and innocence.

In March, 2006 she went to India and was initiated as a Oneness Facilitator (Deeksha).

Her extensive background is in the Course In Miracles, trained as a Coach by Landmark Education and the Coaches Institute, San Francisco. She studied Oneness, Consciousness and Fitness Training, Health and Nutrition during the 80’s and 90’s.