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Essential Oils Help with Insomnia and Depression

There is a close relationship between depression and lack of sleep. Lack of sleep saps your energy, makes you irritable and sucks all the joy from your life.

Insomnia disrupts the normal way of life.

There is a close relationship between depression and lack of sleep. Lack of sleep saps your energy, makes you irritable and sucks all the joy from your life.

Insomnia disrupts the normal way of life. This can become a vicious cycle. You have insomnia. You worry because you can't sleep. As the worry increases, your insomnia escalates. Leading to depression. If you are already depressed, then the depression deepens. If you are recovering from depression, insomnia can cause a relapse.

A number of long term studies indicate that insomnia, far from being a symptom or side effect of depression, may actually precede it, making some people more likely to become and remain depressed.

The world we live in is fast paced and full of stress. Stress can contribute to sleepless nights. Lack of sleep can also cause problems in dealing with the stresses of day to day living. A good night's sleep is essential for a healthy body and emotional well being.

Improving your insomnia will have a positive effect in two ways. First you will feel better when get a good amount of sleep. Life looks brighter and stress is handled easier when you're well rested. Second, you won't be worrying about not sleeping.

For a person who would rather use natural means to help relieve insomnia, therapeutic grade essential oils can be quite helpful.

Try some of these Restful Sleep Ideas:

Lavender is very calming and is often used for treating insomnia. Why? Because it contains esters and aldehydes that are calming to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Lavender is very effective in achieving restful sleep.

Massage 3-5 drops of lavender on the back of neck or down your spine. 1-2 drops on the bottom of each foot, hop in bed. Cup your hands and inhale the remaining oil.
You can also diffuse lavender in the room before you are ready to go to sleep.

Other essential oils you could use to aid in a good night's sleep are tangerine, valerian, Peace & Calming, Valor and RutaVala.

The oils can be rubbed into the temples, back of your neck, up and down the spine, just before bedtime. Their amazing calming and relaxing effects can really aid a sound night's sleep.

For a wonderfully relaxing sleep aid, add 10 drops of lavender oil to the bath and soak for fifteen minutes before going to bed.

Recipe for a Peaceful Night's Sleep
A Tip from Christine:
I've found this combination has worked for me:

I totally depend on my diffuser for a good nights sleep. As I was filling my diffuser this morning (for my next several nights of blissful sleep), I got to thinking about the wonderful combination I will be enjoying while in slumber land. Just through experimenting!

Here's what I combine:
15 drops of Lavender
10 drops of Frankincense
5 or 6 drops of Tangerine

This mixture of oils is a wonderful combination. I diffuse in 15 minutes intervals, 3 times while sleeping. The aroma is heavenly not to mention very therapeutic.

Give this a try! You will not only love the aroma of this combination, and have a heavenly nights sleep, but just think of the healing benefit to your whole system. As we
all know, our body does the most healing while asleep!

Insomnia Recipe
4 drops clary sage
2 drops lavender
3 drops Valerian
3 drops Vetiver
Use 6 drops in a bath or 3 drops in 1 teaspoon carrier oil
for a body rub.

Ruta Vala for Insomnia and Depression

Ruta is an oil that Gary discovered and distilled in Ecuador. VaLa stands for Valerian and Lavender. So RutaVala is a combination of Ruta Graveolens, Valerian and Lavender.

I am so impressed with the new oil blend RutaVala. If you haven't tried it yet, I really encourage you to do so. It is wonderful for insomnia. I keep a bottle of it next to my bed and use before bedtime or if I wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep. It is so calming and relaxing. RutaVala is also good as an antidepressant.

Listen to the audio at the link below, on how useful RutaVala is and how to use it.

How to Take RutaVala
-l5-20 drops in water or caps.(although some people feel
effect with just 2 to 3 drops in water)
-bottom of feet
-back of neck
-put on temples
--Take with raindrop, massage, auricular application.

Here are some very brief personal notes on this new blend. HINT: Think sleep and relaxation!

• Ruta is an unusual oil in that contains certain compounds that modulate brain function.

• From experiences at the Ecuador clinic, this blend is said to balance the sympathetic override which is a factor in diseases. When it comes into balance, disease states dissipate.

• For both men and women, the root cause of the decline in estrogen and testosterone is related to the sympathetic override. Estrogen and testosterone increase after suppressing the sympathetic override.

• One Ecuador clinic patient had an 80% drop in cortisol in 12 hours after taking RutaVaLa and was then able to sleep after not being able to.

Applying RutaVaLa to the back of the neck can help lift depression

About Ruta graveolens (One of the oils in RutaVala) Ruta is one that helps with depression. Several people were applied with Ruta on the back of the neck right in the concave at the base of the skull and an hour later they reported that all depression was gone. A couple ladies had been on several kinds of medications for 12 years and nothing had helped and with just one application all depression was gone. It improves the attitude, depression and modulates the brain function, fevers, menstrual cycle, rheumatism,
aches and pains of all kinds, and it reverse stickiness of the blood platelets.

Gary places Ruta graveolens on the back of the subjects' neck, on the soft spot before base of skull, (hits neurotransmitters) a good place to put the oil.

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