Treatment For Emetophobia

Pure hypno-analysis fast effective treatment for emetophobia


Emetophobia is when a person has a fear of vomiting or a fear of being sick or seeing someone else be sick/vomit. You may find yourself watching others in case they are sick or avoiding social situation like going for meals with friends avoiding alcohol, you may have a fear of becoming pregnant for fear of morning sickness. People with emetophobia often become isolated avoiding social situation.

Does this sound like you?

1) Avoiding catching the bus or using the train for fear of being sick or watching out for someone being sic

2) Not being particularly fond of certain food like fish, meat, and alcohol to the point of being obsessional about it.

3) Be fearful of seeking medical treatment for fear of seeing someone vomit. Just the thought of someone vomiting makes you feel that you want to be sick to.

4) Do you find yourself being extra clean in the kitchen cleaning the surfaces more then need be for the fear of getting food poisoning.

5) You maybe below your natural body weight but would love to put more weight on, but you can’t because you are fearful of becoming to full and might be sick.

Treatment for emetophobia

Emetophobia can be successfully treated with the use of hypno-analysis phobias respond particularly well to hypno-analysis.

Hypno-analysis (analytical hypnotherapy)

Hypnoanalysis is a unique fast effective treatment

Analytical hypnotherapy for treating of emotional and psychological problems it is unique in its approach in that it treats the root cause of the problem. Hypnoanalysis is fast and effective in the treatment of such things as phobias depression, anxiety attacks, and emetophobia leaving the person completely free from that something inside themselves but outside their control

Hypnoanalysis brings you to a moment of surprising and elaborating enlightenment, bringing you a complete lasting release by finding and releasing the root cause of your problem.

Author's Bio: 

Philip Monaghan started his journey to self improvement over ten years ago studying hypnosis and psychology. He holds a qualification in pure hypno-analysis which he gained in 1999 through the International Association of Hypno-analyst which is one of the largest organizations of its kind in Europe. Philip has trained with Neil French Europe’s top experts in hypno-analysis the founder of the IAH over 30 years ago, gaining his qualification from Neil who is now in retirement. Philip is an expert in the treatment of phobias, and has assisted people with social anxiety, depression, IBS, sexual problems, and emetophobia which is the fear of being sick. Philip is now regarded as an expert being invited to work along side doctors and health professionals. There are two different types of therapies Philip uses.