There are no gods, or devils. The infinite span of existence maintains itself by balancing light and dark energy. This creates an illusionary state in Mankind’s perceptions which bars us from seeing the total world around us. We are in effect living lives of perpetual denial, hoping for something greater than ourselves in order to save us from ourselves. Good and evil are nothing more than concepts born out of our lack of responsibility, and an instinctual fear of the unknown.

Because of our fears we have a tendency to avoid the dark energy that is now affecting this world dramatically. In fact, there are at least five types of entities that call the darkness home; so called “demons,” personal-energy eating beings that prey upon Mankind, Succubus, the Earth itself and an intensely powerful and elusive being that was drawn to us by our destructive nature.

This is the being who we should be watching closely since it has been studying us for a very long time. For millennia it has been training, exercising and testing its right hand in order to understand us first-hand, and create a doorway into this world.

In 1994 the mysterious entity made an attempt to trigger it’s right hand into action, however, it’s right hand was not ready for the task. It was unable to “hold the world.” The body it possessed could not handle the extreme conditions needed for the right hand to be successful in our world. It ended up taking exactly ten years more before the right hand proved itself qualified to begin its work.

Mark the year, 2004. This was the beginning of the truly “dark times” for Humanity. The dark entity and its right hand began manifesting their wills upon our lives. Because of the sensitive nature and magnitude of the manifestations, the world was changed in a day.

To this day we all now feel the “heavy” energy and “heavy” beings that have punched through to this world by way of the “door” that was indeed opened by the right hand. It is time for us to start paying attention to the influences that are dramatically affecting our lives.

The old will be cleared away for the new. We all need to make a choice, denial or acceptance. I highly recommend acceptance. Even though it is no guarantee of salvation, at least it gives us a chance to have some control over how the changes will occur in our lives.

David D. Brown

Author's Bio: 

I have a minimum of twenty years experience researching how the "heavy" energy in our world maifests itself in our lives.