There is no magic bullet, no pill, no treatment that can take the place of rebuilding the body's foundations to create health. Digestion is the place to start, along with examining the diet to make sure it is nutritionally dense. If what you are doing now, is not working, try something different!

Most of the nutritional ideas floating around out there in our culture are misleading due to marketing ploys and studies that don't stand the test of time. Just because they claim it promotes health, doesn't mean its true. There is nothing like Real Food...unprocessed whole food prepared in a natural way. Food that the body can recognize will all its innate co-factors intact. Let's turn "conventional" thought about food upside down!

Sugar and Disease

Our bodies were not designed to eat sugar. Studies done on indigenous tribes eating native diets revealed that when they introduced sugar and flour into their diets disease & deformity, began to occur. Each generation deteriorated. Sugars include honey, molasses, corn syrup, organic cane sugar, maple syrup, fructose and any other natural sweetener except Stevia.

Hypoglycemia can reflect poor adrenal gland function. The adrenals, pancreas, and the liver are involved in sugar metabolism. Eating sugar stresses the body, depletes its vitamins, causes a loss in muscle tone, insulin resistance and diabetes leading to high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer and other chronic illness. Pancreatic exhaustion from a diet high in sugar is known to be a precursor to digestive disorders, leading to disease.

When the body gets overwhelmed with sugar that it cannot store, that sugar can become dangerous free radicals that attack the inside of the blood vessels causing the body to send out cholesterol for repair. As more sugar is consumed, the damage inside the blood vessels builds up and more cholesterol is deposited until the vessel becomes clogged. It is a natural healing process that has been overwhelmed due to too much sugar in the diet. Cholesterol is not the enemy, sugar is, and you can control that very easily.

A high protein/fat, low refined carbohydrate diet is much better suited for the body. Protein from meat is important because vegetable protein is does not contain the full range of amino acids that the body requires for its biochemical processes. Without fat, the body cannot absorb protein, vitamins, other vital nutrients, make our hormones or control inflammation!

Diabetes is now rampant in our culture and is creating a health crisis in our country. Corn syrup is one of the biggest problems and is found in most processed foods. Most modern cereal has little nutrition in it because it has been refined out, the wheat germ removed, and is basically pure sugar. Juices are mostly sugar and cause dehydration. Instead of drinking juice, eat low glycemic fruit, in its whole form, in small amounts with all its natural fiber.

Basically, all carbs break down into sugar in the body, so pick carefully. Chips and other processed foods have preservatives in them that are addicting, so that you cannot eat just one..literally. Most processed food and restaurant food contains transfats which cause weight gain and form plaque in the arteries. They can prevent the proper assimilation of the good fats you need. Most restaurants still use oils that are transfats (some states are trying to pass laws against its use).

All vegetable oils, i.e., canola, grapeseed, oiive, flax, sunflower, etc. are very delicate and should never be heated at high heats and some shouldn't be heated at all. These oils are not safe to cook with because heat damages them and turns them into transfats. Transfats are vegetable oils that have been damaged by heat. These fats can actually lower your good cholesterol and raise your bad cholesterol. They are also referred to as hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

Coconut oil is great for cooking. It is a healthy saturated fat that the body does not store and is less likely to become damaged in the cooking process. It is anti viral, anti fungal, antiparasitic and helps to fight infection. Just rub some on your next cut and cover with a bandaid and you’ll see what I mean.

Always cook on low to low medium heat because heat damages the fats in meat along with the fats that you use for cooking. Buy breads without flax seeds or nuts because the delicate fats in flax and nuts can become transfats when exposed to the heat used in the baking process.

There is nothing like eating a diet of whole foods for preventing and healing disease. Educate yourself about your food. It can change your quality of life and is the best way to heal and protect yourself from disease.

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Beverly Hartsfield is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. After suffering from mercury poisoning, chemical sensitivites, allergies, candida, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, she healed herself completely with nutrition. See her story under Bev's Journey on her website at