Remember that famous saying 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going'... Yes when companies get pushed for cash and times are hard, the ones that survive INVEST. The ones that don't make it stop what their good at and focus on cutting back.

Now when tough times hit you as an individual, of course make economies, no one is saying go on a spending spree, you have to be inteligent - and inteligence includes being open to new ideas and oppotunites. The very word open says it all, if you are closed and shut off to new ideas then things are most likely to get tougher. It would be a little like a shop keeper having 'closed' on his door and half the lights off to save on electricty, how likely is it you are going to buy from him? - that's right it just makes things worse.

I say all this because today someone cancelled an event because times have got tough. The event is putting aside a week to work on his Vision & Purpose. Currently he does not have one and is and has been floudering around for years. Now is cancelling and worrying about cash going to change his life long pattern? - It's unlikly. Will dedicating a week to getting a plan for life be likley to supercharge his life so he see's the world with a new perspective? - most definitely.

So the point is 'Why put your life on hold' - oppotunities and possibilities come to those that are open to them... Which camp are you in?
Here is an excerpt from a mail I got today from a hugely successful man - it's worth a quick read...

You have probably heard the old adage, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! This may be an old adage, but it is just as up to date today as it was in the past. People who fail to plan set themselves up for failure. When i was 20 my first head chef said to me that, If you do not plan your life, you let other people plan it. And you live someone else's dream! I realized then how significant that is, and now I realize it even more.

When I was 21 years old, I began my Master Plan for my plan for life. That head chef asked me to write a plan for one hundred years! He has passed away, but I if I could I would hug him today. He has made a significant difference in my life, a huge impact on my life, because of this Master Plan!

Tony Vee

PS. So what's your plan?

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