New School, Emotional Freedom (Shotgun) Techniques versus Old School, Chakra and Energy Meridian (Scholarly) Knowledge

The reason I'm an old school kind of guy is that I've seen old school ideas get rediscovered and rehashed for most of my life.

The new thought healing modality dubbed "Emotional Freedom Techniques" (EFT) as "developed" by Gary Craig is no exception. EFT is a simple, consumer friendly form of ancient scholarly meditation techniques that have been around for a number of millenia. For example, EFT has been around for a few decades as opposed to similar chi kung (qigong) meditation forms which has been around for at least a millenia.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm an advocate of EFT and the work from health professionals all over the world that goes into it. EFT has helped people overcome physical and emotional maladies where mainstream medicine fails. We have to understand that EFT is yet another healing modality or another set of "keys" to unlocking the healing mind.

For example, those of you familiar with Wild Goose Patting Qigong (chi kung), may find EFT seems like a cousin of sorts. In contrast, EFT does not tap along all 12 meridians (of Chinese Medical Theory), but it stimulates key "shotgun" points along the meridians in tandem with healing intentions which makes it a close relative.

The Living Word at Work

I've already expounded upon the phenomenon of the spoken thoughts, ideas, feelings and intentions in relation to DNA structure in the article, Collective DNA Consciousness; this treatise explains how DNA is structured according to the same rules as word language and is, therefore, influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language ideas and song. Russian and American scientists (including the U.S. Military) proved this concept is real through scientific experiments. The foundation of EFT is built upon this concept as well as meditation and prayer modalities which utilise the spoken idea.

To solidify this foundation, EFT taps into the energy meridians and vessels of Traditional Chinese Medicine wherein all of our feelings and sensations flow in health or stagnate in sickness. According to Dr. William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of Stanford University, in essence, the system of meridian channels taps into our original untainted physical/spiritual life patterns within subtle energy layers of space time. This means we are able to literally tap into our perfect life patterns through psychic keys such as the energy meridians to heal any malady on this physical plane.

Dr. Tiller's work in psychoenergetics is central to the foundation of EFT. There are twenty citations of Dr. Tiller's work at the EFT site. One article, Touch And Breathe--TAB Paper, by John H. Diepold, Jr., Ph.D. provides excellent background on the autonomic nervous and meridian systems as complex antenna circuits in reference to Dr. Tiller's discoveries. This revelation leads to the physical ability to "transceive" feelings and impressions as a form of telepathy.

The ancient keys to psychic ability can be referred to as ancient psychoenergetics, the study of the disciplined, coherent infrastructure of the human mind, the effects of its coherent energy and the interactions thereof with bioresonant energy fields, but using basic psychic keys as used by ancient mind control adepts.

EFT and ancient psychoenergetics both tap into DNA ability to be programmed as it relates to the flow of Chi (life force). For example, although Kuji Kiri martial arts meditation is far more refined than EFT, both modalities demonstrate the amazing abilities of the human mind opened through the spoken idea. Beyond healing chronic ailments, the human mind can be keyed to manipulate the space time continuum as in the Law of Attraction2.

Tiller's research has proven that the universe is a living extension of ourselves which is also keyed to reverberations of sympathetic thought patterns; Resonating thoughts through spoken word is a regular ritual occultist practice of religious sects such as Buddism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Taoism, among others.

Keys to the Human Psyche

Kuji Kiri meditation is a derivation of ancient disciplines two of which are: The Healing Mudras of HaTha Yoga and Shii Soei Ching Chi Kung.

The Healing Mudras utilise specific hand gestures in relation to chakras; their specific colours and breathing patterns, along with mentally/physically spoken mantras serve as keys to the human mind. By this token, Healing Mudras also comes extremely close to the EFT modality except it focuses on specific hand gestures, the chakra system, and colours in relation to each chakrum.

From my studies in the Healing Mudras, they also tap into the Law of Attraction through intense visualisation; this is also the intention of EFT with its shotgun stimulation of energy meridians and spoken ideas.

Shii Soei Ching is an advanced form of chi kung usually translated as "Marrow/Brain Washing Classic;" this training specialises in leading Chi to the marrow to cleanse it. This particular form of chi kung is quite scholarly being taught only to adepts. Its complexity encompasses study as well as the energetic manipulation thereof manifold connections between meridians and extraordinary vessels. Here the adepts used physical and etheric keys to each of eight vessels since they control our organ functions, therefore, our overall health.

Kuji Kiri practitioners enter a slightly different trance that literally floods the senses with psychic keys according to each of these eight extraordinary vessels and the three main vessels of HaTha Yoga. These keys encompass all the senses in terms of color, flavour, aroma, texture, sound, and emotion including symbols known as Kuji Kuri Kanji.

Kuji Kiri Meditation literally floods the senses, so there is no room for discursive thought, thereby, allowing room only for the psychic keys. This takes an intense amount of focus which allows the mind and body to resonate with certain elements in the universe.

Although, we do not have such scholarly approaches in EFT, we still prove that we can induce healing through psychic intervention through a shotgun approach.

I've been through the EFT site enough to tell you that there are some paranormal events happening in people's lives which are a direct result of using EFT. The reports of these paranormal events and psychic phenomena are direct parallels to ancient psychoenergetic phenomena. For example, we can look at the Nine Levels of Power obtained through the Kuji Kiri. Here's an extract from Ashida Kim's Ninjitsuryu site:

"Here they are presented as taught in the Japanese system, as one complete set of movements, flowing from first to last rhythmically, in conjunction with breath control. They are derived from the Tibetan lama chanting practice, whereby one may attain enlightenment. These are the oldest exercises of this type, and have survived from prehistoric times.

The Nine Levels of Power are as follows:

1. Rin - "Strength" of mind and body; in Chinese, chu;

2. Kyo - "Direction of energy"; in Chinese, shen;

3. Toh - "Harmony" with the universe; in Chinese, tai;

4. Sha - "Healing" of self and others; in Chinese, sha;

5. Kai - "Premonition" of danger; in Chinese, kai;

6. Jin - "Knowing the thoughts of others"; in Chinese, jen;

7. Retsu - "Mastery of time and space"; in Chinese, tung;

8. Zai - "Control" of the elements of nature; in Chinese, hua;

9. Zen - "Enlightenment"; in Chinese, tao.

The Kuji-Kiri positions that embody the nine levels of power are used as a mnemonic device to train the Ninja both mentally and physically. The progression of movements from one to another symbolizes the movements of the chi within the body.

The Nine Levels of Power are extreme in comparison since EFT focuses on healing. This does not mean that EFT cannot also accomplish the above feats. EFT may be a watered down version of the of the ancient, yet refined psychoenergetic techniques, but intention and sympathetic resonance is central to all of these modalities.

In part 2, we examine EFT Tapping vs. Ancient "Tapping" and EFT Chanting vs. Ancient Mantra Chanting.

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Certified Oriental Sports Trainer, Bachelors in Functional Therapy, HealingMindN author, Randolph Fabian Directo, is your guide to the inner power of your self improvement using esoteric methods from ancient cultures.