We have seen evidence that EFT works at a verifiable level in the field of EEG brain wave measurements. We were pleased to monitor brain waves while Gary Craig and some of the EFT Masters worked with groups of people, who volunteered to be part of a project, that could make the benefits of EFT more visible.

In our experience of over 15 years of private practice in the fields of neurofeedback and biofeedback, we have been very impressed with the way EFT benifits the client. We started using the EFT tapping while the client was hooked up to a brain wave monitoring systems, Mind Mirror 3. We were able to see changes for the better taking place in real time.

Biofeedback is based on the practice of brain wave monitoring, heart rate measuring, and the monitoring of other biological functions of the body for the purpose of boosting performance and assisting in improvement of mental and physical health. While working with Gary Craig we made some amazing observations that could assist in making EFT, and the benefits that the person is receiving, instantly visible during an actual tapping session.

Here is a brief summery of what we saw:

First these initial field studies show some very rapid and significant changes in the overall brain wave patterns that mirror the release of emotional issues during sessions and a movement towards optimal functioning.

Second a reduction in brain energy which occurs more rapidly than in just a simple relaxation period, often within a single round of tapping. When the brain works more efficiently, the amount of electrical activity being measured through the skull decreases.

Next an increase in brain symmetry, that is both sides of the brain begin to work together in a more balanced manner. People often have the mistaken assumption that they are either right brained or left brained, in truth we are both, and the two sides of the brain need to work together for optimal health and performance.

Finally the band of energy often associated with emotional intensity, anxiety, stress, negative worrying and a possible history of addictions, the "monkey mind" band, reduces beautifully as emotional issues are released during tapping.

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Author's Bio: 

Gary is certified in the Awakened Mind training and have taught at Esalen Institute with Anna Wise, the originator of this practice for two years, as well as international workshops, private neurofeedback counseling sessions and classes in many healing modalities. Gary is a BCIA Certified Biofeedback/stress management practitioner and taught stress management, biofeedback and meditation at Columbia Community College for two decades, currently retired.
He also certified in EFT and NLP, and is a student of Core Integral.