New School, Emotional Freedom Techniques versus Old School, Kuji Kiri Mind Control of Ninjitsuryu

The reason I'm an old school kind of guy is that I've seen old school ideas get rediscovered and rehashed for most of my life.

The new thought healing modality dubbed "Emotional Freedom Techniques" (EFT) as "developed" by Gary Craig is no exception. EFT is a simple, consumer friendly form of Kuji Kiri as developed by Japanese Warrior adepts for self mastery. EFT has been around for a few decades as opposed to Kuji Kiri which has been around for at least a few centuries.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm an advocate of EFT and the work from health professionals all over the world that goes into it. EFT has helped people overcome physical and emotional maladies where mainstream medicine fails.

For those of you familiar with Wild Goose Patting Qigong, EFT probably seems like a cousin of sorts. In contrast, EFT does not tap along all 12 meridians, but it activates key "shotgun" points along the meridians in tandem with healing intentions which, again, makes it a closer relative to Kuji Kiri.

I've already expounded upon the phenomenon of the spoken word in relation to DNA structure in the article, Collective DNA Consciousness; this paper explains how DNA is structured according to the same rules as word language and is, therefore, influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language ideas and song. Russian scientists proved this concept is real through clinical experiments. The foundation of EFT is built upon this concept as well as meditation and prayer modalities which utilise the spoken word.

To solidify this foundation, EFT taps into the energy meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine wherein all of our feelings and sensations flow in health or stagnate in sickness. According to Dr. William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of Stanford University, in essence, the system of meridian channels taps into our original untainted physical/spiritual patterns within subtle energy layers of space time. This means we are able to literally tap into our perfect life patterns through the vessels and meridians to heal any malady on this physical plane.

Dr. Tiller's work in psychoenergetics is central to the foundation of EFT. There are twenty citations of Dr. Tiller's work at the EFT site. One article, Touch And Breathe--TAB Paper, by John H. Diepold, Jr., Ph.D. provides excellent background on the autonomic nervous and meridian systems as complex antenna circuits in reference to Dr. Tiller's discoveries.

EFT and Kuji Kiri both tap into DNA ability to be programmed as it relates to the flow of Chi (life force). Although Kuji Kiri is far more refined and scholarly than EFT, both modalities demonstrate the amazing abilities of the human mind.

I've been through the EFT site enough to tell you that there are some paranormal events happening in people's lives which are a direct result of using EFT. These paranormal events and psychic phenomena are direct parallels to the Nine Levels of Power obtained through the Kuji Kiri. Here's an extract from Ashida Kim's site:

In Ninjitsu it is taught that one must know the nine levels of power. These are contained and represented in the finger-knitting positions of the Kuji-Kiri practice...

Here they are presented as taught in the Japanese system, as one complete set of movements, flowing from first to last rhythmically, in conjunction with breath control. They are derived from the Tibetan lama chanting practice, whereby one may attain enlightenment. These are the oldest exercises of this type, and have survived from prehistoric times.

The Nine Levels of Power are as follows:

1. Rin - "Strength" of mind and body; in Chinese, chu;

2. Kyo - "Direction of energy"; in Chinese, shen;

3. Toh - "Harmony" with the universe; in Chinese, tai;

4. Sha - "Healing" of self and others; in Chinese, sha;

5. Kai - "Premonition" of danger; in Chinese, kai;

6. Jin - "Knowing the thoughts of others"; in Chinese, jen;

7. Retsu - "Mastery of time and space"; in Chinese, tung;

8. Zai - "Control" of the elements of nature; in Chinese, hua;

9. Zen - "Enlightenment"; in Chinese, tao.

The Kuji-Kiri positions that embody the nine levels of power are used as a mnemonic device to train the Ninja both mentally and physically. The progression of movements from one to another symbolizes the movements of the chi within the body.

One more point from Ashida Kim's site: "..a system for self mastery..." indicates the intention of EFT as well. We can see clearly from the Nine Levels of Power how EFT takes elements from "Healing" of self and others as a system of self discipline, therefore, "self mastery." EFT is a watered down version of the healing elements of the refined art of Kuji Kiri because we can see similarities from the above description:

EFT Tapping vs. Kuji Kiri "Finger Knitting"

EFT activates chi flow at specific "shotgun" areas of the body through tapping. They're shotgun areas because these areas are saturated with acupuncture points along the meridians. One shotgun area is around the collar bone and pectoral region where stomach, small intestine, spleen, kidney, and gall bladder channels have trigger points. In fact, we have thousands of "magic buttons" all over our bodies. Did you know that? The living body is the most complex computer of all with "circuits" that can heal and augment the body's performance at will when we push the right buttons with proper intentions. You can see how these areas are utilised with the free EFT Tutorial

In fact, there are a specific set of sensations and feelings attached to the meridians (AKA channels), more specifically, to the eight extraordinary vessels which is the focus of Kuji Kiri. One example is the governing vessel (AKA, "sea of yang meridians") which relates to the feelings of worry and revelation, sensations of moisture, sweetness, polyphony or chorus and the color yellow (according to the Kuji Kiri) to its flow of chi.

In fact, Kuji Kiri is a derivation of an esoteric Chi Kung practice known as Shii Soei Ching or "Marrow/Brain Washing." They both focus on the extraordinary vessels which guide the actions of the meridians like a giant, complex integrated circuit that can change its state of operation, conductivity, receptivity and more through disciplined intention of the operator.

Kuji Kiri activates chi flow first through specific manipulation of the meridians at the termination points of the fingers or "finger knitting," then by visualising the chi flow through a specific vessel, then by attaching the specific feelings and sensations to the chi flow for that vessel, and so forth. The main objective is to build a powerful life energy force.

The main difference thus far is that EFT focuses on releasing stagnations to heal an existing malady while Kuji Kiri focuses on balance and building the chi flow.

EFT Chanting vs. Kuji Kiri Mantra Chanting

I've noticed that EFT practitioners prefer to use their intuition when choosing their words. Indeed, many of them claim to be psychic, so they use their intuitive insight to perform surrogate and remote tapping on others from a distance. They must be right because it works. In fact, EFT is based within our innate psychic abilities. Here's one example of "surrogate" tapping:

Surrogate tapping for a 2 year old with cancer - You called me a month or so ago and you told me to try tapping as if I was her. So I did the same formula as above, and I really concentrated on pretending I was her - I pictured her and I tried to feel 4 (if you know what I mean). I tapped whenever I could.

Well, about 1 week later she had another check-up and as her dad put it, "they have cleared her", she is free of all cancer, not remission, and is expected to live just as long as anyone else. Her doctors say it's incredible...

(There's even a free course that teaches anyone how to do this: How to do Intentional (or Surrogate) EFT)

You will see from this example among many how the practitioner first "tunes" into the problems by acknowledging them, then by methodically "tapping" towards the healing with spoken ideas that empower that person. (See how "tuning" relates to radionic phenomena at the Bioresonant Science Blogspot.) This is a form of chanting that takes place in every culture - from meditations to prayers to song lyrics - which makes them highly accessable to everyone.

Mantras are cultural enigmas. For example, "om mani padme aum;" literally translates from sanskrit as "I pray to the jewel in the lotus flower." The "lotus flower" is a metaphor for the brain (which happens to resemble a lotus flower in full bloom) or the higher mind.

Christian Mantras employ God's Names which are also enigmas. They are enigma's until we study them and the context where they occur.

This is true of the mantras in the Kuji Kiri. A specific mantra or chant applies to each of the nine levels of power, the study of which is also scholarly while obtaining a deep spiritual meaning for those who study the mantra.

As you might know, ninjas were warrior adepts; they were hired for missions of espionage and reconaissance by a royal class to learn the weaknesses of their enemy or even make their enemy's kingdom implode.

Kuji Kiri Persuasion

Ninjas use methods for learning about the personality of their targets, so they can employ methods of persuasion to convince their victims to do things they wouldn't otherwise do. They would go a step further than neurolinguistic programming (NLP) by learning the personality dimensions of their victims, then perform a hypnotic combination of NLP with Kuji Kiri like a spider weaving a web around his unwitting captive.

EFT practitioners realise that they have this power which is why I'm surprised that more of them don't employ NLP Power Persuasion techniques in their healing rituals. Perhaps, they do, but they don't want to talk about it.

Nevertheless, we can learn about the personality dimensions by listening to answers from these simple questions:

(For example, if the topic of the conversation is UFOs:)

  • How do you feel about UFOs?
  • What about UFOs is important to you?
  • How would you describe UFOs?
  • What do you consider a good time - like the ideal vacation?
  • How do you know if a UFO is good?..

{Questions from Keys To Power Persuasion (Sample). I write further about this subject at Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter}

Upon learning the type of person with whom they were dealing, the ninja would employ the correct phraseology and personal "power words" in combination with Kuji Kiri stimulation of the meridians/vessel which apply to the feelings and sensations they wanted to induce in their target.

This method is not that different at all from Remote/Surrogate EFT which is also telepathic in nature.

EFT vs. Kuji Kiri Breath Control

In contrast of breath control, Kuji Kiri is obviously far more refined. Kuji Kiri practitioners actually change the pH of the blood through breath control to induce altered states of consciousness.

EFT practitioners may ask their patients to circulate their respiration once at each given acupressure point. But I have yet to read any where in EFT about the intense breath control that is practiced in Kuji Kiri.

In fact, the kind of breath control required in Kuji Kiri is only for people in good health and already self disciplined. EFT would succeed in a case where a person in bad health with chronic ailments had to treat himself since it's simpler and more accessable to those without discipline.

I also have yet to read about touching the tip of the tongue to the pallet in EFT. Doing this connects yin and yang vessels and completes the grand circulation of governing and conception vessels within the body. I'm a little dissappointed that EFT practitioners fail to mention this area since they stress the idea that they work with chi (life energy) circulation in the meridians, but they don't completely follow through all the principles of chi kung.

I'm also dissappointed that Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, a world-reknowned expert in internal martial arts and chi kung is mentioned no where at the EFT site. To me this is strange since Gary Craig, William Tiller, and Yang Jwing-Ming are all engineering graduates. I figured they'd be like the three musketeers of psychoenergetics, but that's just my opinion.

Since I'm airing out my grievances against the EFT site, I might as well mention that Kiatsu is mentioned no where at the EFT site; this is a healing modality of aikido practitioners, a Japanese Internal martial art similar to Taijiquan.

I still remember years ago (before EFT existed) when I was scouting the dojos in my area. There was an aikido dojo where I asked a student how they work with the meridians. Quite simply, the aikido practitioner kneels in a still position, then utilising one or two fingers he goes down the path of the meridian when "injecting energy" at key points along the meridian to induce proper ki circulation while dwelling on the "one point," the central ki resevoir just below the navel. There was more to it than the student had time to explain, but this is called "Kiatsu;" it's similar to shiatsu except there is no physical pressure applied, BUT there may be tapping depending on the injury being treated. Yes, this is what the aikido student told me.

Guess what? I found this article, Touch And Breathe at the EFT site that almost describes, to the letter, how Kiatsu works. But the PhD who wrote it wants to call it "Touch and Breathe." The method at this article lacks refinement in comparison to the actual Kiatsu, but, in essence, it's still the same healing modality with the addition of healing intention through the spoken word. And, yes, the ancient ninjas were also aikido experts, therefore, the attached healing art of Kiatsu.

This is the same difference between EFT and Kuji Kiri. I guess I'm one of the few willing to recognise the parallels between these arts. To me, I don't mind that these solutions repeat themselves even though they are augmentations and variations upon themselves because the universe is built upon robust and self repeating fractals. We are part of that universe, so we are also bound to be repetitions of people from the past.

Ninjas were best know for their healing abilities. Since they never advertised their expertise at assassination and espionage they had to find a way to make a living during their off season. Since they were experts at acupuncture, bioenergetic therapy, and physiology, they mostly chose to be healers among other pacifist oriented careers.

Who Knows? Perhaps, the new school EFT Health and healing professionals of today are only showing us a watered down version of old school Kuji Kiri because...

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are a form of energy psychology which combine the activation of chi flow through acupuncture point stimulation with spoken ideas from the patient and/or practitioner which tune into the ailment in question. The form of activation in EFT usually involves tapping a chosen set of key points along certain meridians. EFT and other forms of energy psychology are based in the theory that chronic ailments are induced through emotional trauma and other energy imbalances.

"..the Chi in all of the channels and vessels must be circulating smoothly so that they can mutually support each other. Imagine that the Chi in your body is like water running through a network of many rivers (Primary channels) and streams (small Chi channels) to nourish your body. In order to keep the water running smoothly, the rivers and streams must be clear and without stagnation. You need to ensure that there is plenty of water so that the flow will be continuous and smooth. This requires theat the reservoirs which store and regulate the flow in the rivers and streams be kept full..." p.182, Ch. 7, Theories and Principles, Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Chi Kung, The Secret of Youth, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.

Author's Bio: 

Randolph is a student and researcher of esoteric life sciences in bioenergetics and psychoenergetics. He has a bachelors in functional therapy and certification in oriental sports training. Since grade school when he was first contacted by a plasmoid aeroform he has experienced and studied psychic anamolies.