It is very essential for us to understand the dynamics involved in EFT. It is not simply about tapping. It is an eclectic approach to healing. Outlined below are the various procedures involved in EFT and their significance in the healing process. You will see how EFT incorporates the psychological, biological, and energy dynamics: an effective amalgamation of all three approaches.

The Affirmations: The Psychological perspective
The importance of affirmations lies in the fact that they are used to correct PR (Psychological Reversal. This means that despite consciously wanting to heal, many people unconsciously resist it. Rubbing sore spot and saying the affirmation removes the PR. The statement used for affirming is “even though I have this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself.” It is a psychological approach to PR. Affirmations strengthen the natural healing power of our body. The reminder phrase is said to keep oneself tuned in to the problem. Affirmations utilize NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), BT (Behavior Therapy) and TA (Transaction Analysis); modern psycho-therapeutic tools.

The Sore Spot: The Biological perspective
Sore Spot is an area on the chest that has lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are found in various places and they are a part of the lymphatic system. One of the functions of the lymphatic system is to destroy and remove the toxic substances from our body. It protects the body from infections as well. Therefore, rubbing the lymph nodes also acts as a drainage point for negative thoughts and emotions. It also helps us physically in fighting infections.

The EFT Tapping Points: The Energy dynamics
EFT tapping points are the ones that lie on the meridians. There are 14 meridians. Given below are the list of tapping points, their location on the meridians and the organs they affect.

EB (Beginning of the eyebrow) is the second point on Bladder meridian.
EC (Eye corner) is the starting point of Gall Bladder Meridian.
UE (Under Eye) is the starting point of Stomach meridian.
UN (Under Nose) is the end point of the Governing meridian.
Ch (Chin) is the end point of Central Meridian
CB (Collarbone) is end point of Kidney meridian
UA (Under Arm) is the end point of the Spleen meridian.
Li /BN (Liver) is the end point of Liver meridian
TH (Thumb) is the end point of the Lung Meridian
IF (Index finger) is the starting point of the Large Intestine Meridian
MF (Middle Finger) is the end point of the Circulation/Sex Meridian)
LF (Little Finger) is the end point of Heart Meridian
KC (Karate Cop) is the third point on the Small Intestine Meridian
GS (Gamut Spot is the Third point on the Triple Warmer/ Thyroid Meridian)

The 9 Gamut Procedure: The Brain Exercises
The brain plays a vital role in our body. The left hemisphere and the right hemisphere of the brain even though acting in congruence, have dominance in certain areas. The left hemisphere is dominant for analytical, mathematical and logical abilities. The right side is more dominant for music, spatial abilities, visual imagery and face recognition.

The 9 Gamut involved a brain switching method .The purpose of this is to stimulate brain functions by humming, counting, rotating eyes etc. The eyes are connected to the brain via the optic nerves. When eye exercises are performed like closing, opening and rotating, then the brain is directly stimulated. The counting from 1 to 5 is to stimulate the left hemisphere and the humming is to stimulate the right. The eye movements also help in trauma by relocating the traumatic memories and thereby reducing their intensity level.
It incorporates EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & reprocessing).

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Counseling Psychologist & Certified EFT practitioner
MA Psychology, EFT-Cert-I, EFT-ADV, EFT-CC