EFT Tapping Tips for the Holidays

Christmas comes but once a year. It is a time of great anticipation, excitement, joy and good times for many. For some, it is not. There are high expectations, hope and determination that this year, things will be different. Maybe this year everything will work out as planned and everyone will have a wonderful holiday season. Then something happens.

Aunt Matilda once again, offends everyone. Uncle George does a half gainer into the punch bowl, the dog destroys the tree, or the overloaded circuit supplying power to all those lights finally decides to protect the humans by expiring.

Now, all the effort and work, the shopping, the wrapping presents, the baking, cooking the turkey, the planning was supposed to culminate in a wonderful Christmas. Well, before EFT, when the glitches happened, and they always seemed to, the resulting negativity tended to generalize out, and contaminated part, or all, of the festive season. Another Christmas ruined, or not so good.

This year can be different. Here's what you can do to make this Christmas be the joyous occasion you hope and plan for. Turn your attention inwards, and notice your reaction to an event or circumstance. Put what you are feeling into words. Once you have put into words what you are feeling, you are clear on your response, decide if you want to feel that way. If you would prefer "X" never happened, if you would prefer not to feel that way, then now is the time to change it.

Start with tapping the P.R. point (also known as the Karate Chop) and as you continue to tap, describe to yourself what happened, or how you feel, and place "Even though" in front of it. When you have repeated it three times, tapping the P.R. point the whole time, then tap the rest of the points using a reminder phrase as you do so.

Here's an example.

While tapping the P.R. (also known as Karate Chop) point say,

"Even though Uncle George is drunk once again, and has now dumped the punch bowl's contents all over Aunt Mary, none the less, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Repeat three times, with emphasis. Then tap the rest of the points, using a reminder phrase, such as "Uncle George."

Alternatively, you may be more aware of your anger towards Uncle George. Tapping the P.R. point you would say,

"Even though I'm angry at Uncle George, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Repeat three times, with emphasis.

Then tap the rest of the points using the reminder phrase, "This anger."

This protocol will work equally well for feelings of disappointment, sadness, loneliness, frustration, etc. The idea is to pay attention to the 'glitch,' acknowledge it, frame it into words, and tap it. You will accomplish several things.

You will feel better sooner, thus allowing yourself to enjoy the holidays more.
You will prevent the incident from generalizing out, and thus stop your memory filing "just another bad Christmas."
By doing so, maybe, just maybe, you will give yourself a happy and contented Christmas.

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I've been in private practice for 22 years, as a counsellor and therapist. I learned EFT in early 1999 and was fortunate to attend a workshop with Gary Craig at his home in Sea Ranch, CA as well as many of his other workshops over the years. Also, I was one of the four original EFT Masters. For the past ten years I have been using EFT with my clients (over 5,000 sessions). As well I've been teaching all levels of EFT, specialty EFT, certification in EFT, and combining EFT & NLP workshops internationally for the past nine years.

With both my clients and at my workshops, I strive to create a safe, comfortable and fun atmosphere where individuals can fully realize their inner power. In my private practice I use well tested tools and techniques from a variety of modalities such as behavioural science, cognitive therapy, the mind/body connection, NLP and EFT to assist my clients to achieve the outcomes they desire.

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