*How sad is that! I shall become old, ugly and disgusting .And this picture will stay always young and never be older then this June days.Oh,if only could be opposite! If I could stay young forever, and the picture getting old.! For that-for that i would give everything. For that i would give my SOUL!

Mr.Wilde:Youth!Youth!There is absolutely nothing but Youth! The Youth is only thing worth to live for. The beauty is a form of Genius,even more then genius ,for it don't need any explanation. It has own divine right of sovereignty. Of the ones, who are in possession of beauty, creates *the Princes*
ME: Dear Mr.Wilde completely understand what you say,be young forever is pure Art and Perfection. And you are a person living for the beauty.You said that an artist is a creator of the beauty.

Wilde: The goal of the life is self-improvement.In present times people are afraid of themself. I believe, if every man lived through own life completely to the very end, if gave a form to every feeling, an expression to every thoughts, reality to every dream, I believe the world would get a new enthusiasm of joy that would return us to the Hellenistic ideal or maybe to something more beautiful and richer.
ME: That is I'm doing all my longlife.My living has been the way of self improvement. Don't ask me to say how much i paid to reach where i am now. It was followed by great renunciation and efforts of my mind. The thinking that was leading to the edge of the madness!

Wilde:In the mind, and only in the mind happens the greatest sins of the world.
Me:Do you want to tell that i am sinful, that i carry a load of sins, because of my *chosen* way of self improvement and winning over old age? For i broke some limits describing *normal* people? Am i sin? You know, in the past suspect persons has been burned at the stake. If I had lived in the time i would have experienced the destiny of a Witch. I would be burned!

Wilde: Nothing can cure a soul but Sense, as nothing treats sense except soul!
Me: You, Mr. Wilde,you gave the apple of Cognition in the hands of Dorian Grey! As Eva took a forbidden fruit.Passion,sense and every hidden thoughts and desires now become a reality, in Dorian's Life!

Wilde: You, Dorian, have the most amazing youth , and youth is the only thing that is worth of having.But, one day,when you have gotten old,wrinkled and ugly you would feel the importance of my words.When your youth has gone ,your beauty gone as well. Because of that you need to live full life. Don't miss anything!
Me:So, Mr Wilde you gave an endorsement to Dorian Grey. Nothing stays on his way anymore; no moral, no pity for anybody.

/Dorian: As sad it is! I shall become ugly, old and disgusting. And this picture will stay young forever.If it could be reverse! If I could stay Young and Picture getting old!/

Me: The soul has been saled!I have noticed Mr. Wilde, you didn't mention DEVIL !It is unique. Goethe and Bulgakov don't hide Devil.He is present from the very beginning.You are different in that regard.I am not sure why, maybe you were thinking that life inevitable bears the all load of Evil, vices, perversions, murders and ..and no need to put a figure of devil!
And who is guilty for unhappy end of Dorian's Love? Or a better question; Who did Dorian Grey fall in love with?A beautiful young girl or a character from Novel-Julia,Rozalinda.. To much perfections that you craving to in your passion to art and Beauty.Life is not a perfect picture on a cavan, unfortunately it brings its wrangles And what happened?Dorian has disappointed in his love-she didn't realize his expectations of a great artist and broth shame on he/

/Dorian: You killed my love, my fantasy got excited by you.I loved you, because you were magic, for having talent and spirit, for realizing dreams of great poets.Without Art you are nothing!/
And Repentance had come, but too late.Sibile killed herself.
It was first big sin of Dorian?

Wilde: Being good, means being in harmony with onself.Disharmony appears when man has been forced to bring own life into accord with lives of the others.

Dorian: Bazil, everyone carries in oneself heaven and hell.

Me:You,Mr Wilde, even did't know neither feel a premonition of coming crime that would be committed by Dorian? I am wondering myself ,how possible it is, that you didn't know what has been happening in his soul?Oh,how arrogant you are! Fell in love with yourself! Blind and deaf! I'm thinking how many people like Dorian walking the streets ,our friends, lovers or just common passersby and we know nothing about what terrible thoughts flow through their minds.
The only , genuinely touched by Dorian fateful transformation, was Bazil,who was delighted by Dorian and thanks to such great love made his masterpiece. He had courage to ask Dorian for penitence, to pray to God for farewell of sins.

Yes, Mr Wilde we are getting close to the end of the story.

Mr. Wilde:Tell me Dorian how did you succeed to stay young? It must be you have a Secret. You are ideal of what our community seek, though is afraid of finding. I am so glad you never did anything or created whatever which could exist out of you! The LIFE is your ART!
Me: After all, I believe there are no many who completely understand this masterpiece. It is not so simply as at first sight look like. let alone to imagine that a fact of exchanging of* getting old a picture* and *staying young of Dorian *make an explanation. What should i say of that, because i won old age, and never committed such evil things!

It was just an idea, from which, Oscar Wilde began his story. It resembles a puzzle, maybe it is indeed.

Let's imagine my way. Since my childhood i knew and was aware of something especial waiting for me and my life would not look like as leaves of common people.I chose to improve myself, and i achieved it with great renunciations and strenuous mind practice. Sometimes, it led to the edges of Madness! It was very important to me that i live in harmony with my thoughts; my body experienced a transformation along with the particles of my spirit. I was born again and made myself a Creator of my Life-i was ARTIST!
What would Mr. Wilde say on my confession? I am sure he would become astonish of possibility being witness of my Art Life!
You are as much yourself's own as live in accordance with your feelings and spirit. Just do what you want, don't allow the others influence and lead your life!

And now comes *the best part*, I know you are wondering: what about evil? Where is everything,what is dirty,ugly,immoral and shameful? All this lays in the souls of observers- people in your surrounding who have been filled with Hate, Spite ,unable to love yourself ,and because of that becoming punished by Wrangles on their faces ,their souls became polluted. They are my *PICTURE* that bears Malice and Envy coming from them.

Author's Bio: 

Slavica Todorovic writes *Abstracts* on her own life weaved in her favorite Masterpieces of the world's greatest Minds.
If you asked what makes her life i could answer:Books,reading and Self-Improvement.