In my opinion, we are a society that seems to have a preoccupation with the past or have a tendency to live in the future. So often people feel that certain events or circumstances must take place in order for them to have, feel or experience what they want. Such belief’s keep them living in the future – waiting for that something to come and make them happy. They are stuck.

Do these statements seem familiar to you? Have you said or heard them; “As soon as I finish college, I will …, When my children start school and I have more time, I will…., If only I was married, I could …., When my business gets off the ground, I will …, When my divorce is final, I will …., When I get a new job, I will…and my favorite, When I have enough money, I will….

These statements are the what if’s and “when’s”. These are ideas about being happy when. But what about being happy NOW? We are giving up our today for the dreams of tomorrow. Do you believe that you have to wait to be happy? Or that you have you earn your happiness? Or that events or circumstances have to occur before you can be happy and feel free? I say, “Live It Now”, “Feel It Now”, “Experience It Now”, don’t wait for tomorrow.

I believe that all you need to be happy is to decide that you want to be happy. Appreciate what you have now. If you are always waiting for tomorrow, today will never come. Not that we don’t want to dream and create tomorrows, but don’t sacrifice our todays. Life is too short to be wasting it on waiting for the what if’s to come.

Are you stuck or do you realize that you must resonate with what you desire so that you can connect with what you desire? Do you know that if you think about, talk about, and dream about what you desire, you can create your own reality? You must think about what you want – NOT what you don’t want. Whatever your put your attentions on is what you will create.

If you want happiness, you must experience happiness now. Enjoy living for today. Appreciate all the little pleasures in your everyday life, for there are many. Laugh to your hearts content because laughter can heal many wounds. Relish in your accomplishments. Learn from your mistakes. And then learn to dream to create your tomorrows.

If you believe that an event or circumstance outside yourself is a prerequisite for your happiness, then you lose your own empowerment. If you are relying on outside forces to come your way and make you happy, you lose your own empowerment. Take control of your life and know that your happiness is always created within your thoughts and mind. Your thoughts can always be changed from negative to positive. If you don’t believe it – try it. You’ll be amazed in how you life can be changed in 30 days of deliberate positive thoughts.

Our future is not a destination – but a journey. The unfolding of today and the now is what is. Experience every day to the fullest and live life now the way you want to be. Embrace who you are becoming and set your attentions and intentions on what you desire.

So I ask you “What exactly are you waiting for to have all your dreams come true”? LIVE AND EXPERIENCE TODAY.

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About the Author: Sheri Falcone is a novice author, student of personal growth, and entrepreneur who enjoys helping others become truly empowered and achieve their dreams. She has turned her passion into a lucrative personal development, home business, This business system provides all the tools you will need to create greater prosperity and joy in your life. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she believes laughter and appreciation are our emotional healers.