What if the planet thought in a way that was similar to us? First of all we would have to work with the concept that it had a consciousness. Much like we do but very different.

We have neuron pathways in our brain. Within these pathways, electricity is used to send and receive signals to our body and back from our nerves helping us feel and collect sensory data. What if the planet had its own way of thinking, of sending and receiving data?

What if the pathways it had within its brain per say were all of the communications we have on the planet. Let's pretend that every phone call, e mail, satellite and radio broadcast was seen as an electrical line moving from one point to the next. That every television show and voice mail, text message and instant message were like giant arcs from one point of the earth to the next. Now, if we looked at the electrical currents moving through our brain and saw all of the neuron pathways lit up like arcs of electricity we would see a similarity. We would have to picture the planet's brain as also being its body instead of just its head, but we can get an idea of how this might look.

What this would mean is that the planet would have to be retrieving data on many levels. Again let us look at our body. Billions and billions of cells make up our body, nerves, organs, tissue ECT. Every time we experience something as simple as picking up a glass of water or driving a car millions of these cells had to live and die in order to send signals to our nerves, from our nerves to our brain and from our brain back to our body creating an experience and a thought, i.e. Feeling the glass of water and putting it back down. Let's move back to the earth. What if every living thing on the planet acted like cells that created nerves that allowed the earth to feel and send data? These cells living and dying as a collective to provide it with one consciousness. Let's say that this would be the planet feeling its body and retrieving sensory data.

Now let us look at the process of thought. If we are the cells sending data back and forth throughout the body of the earth wouldn't our communications be like sending these signals through the neuron pathways of the planet's brain? Imagine that every time we got online, or sent an e mail or made a cell phone call that was a thought for the planet. Let us look at the possibility that the planet in a way is experiencing its own day to day life. If our collective experience make up the planet's sensory than what would it be like for the planet to think?

What if every book, poem, religion or even movie was a thought within the mind of the planet? We could assume that every great movement of civilization, from the discovery that the earth was round, to the latest frontiers of quantum physics was the planet contemplating its own existence. With this thought in mind one could see how a wave could be created. A though ripple that effects the fabric of the earth's consciousness. Look at the effect of religion on the planet. Each generation of cells, or people interpreting and refining the philosophical concepts from one generation of cellular life to the next.

So looking at our communications on the planet like the thought of the planet, we can see how the earth might be going through its own evolution of thought. At first, the cells on the planet (people) communicated through oral history and then writing. Over time their communications advanced. By the time mankind was able to achieve radio communications the amount of information traveling from one cell to the other had multiplied exponetionally. We know that the rate of technological advancement now is 100 times faster than it was one hundred years ago. Could this be an indication of not just us evolving but the planet's mind evolving?

Let us now take into consideration the internet. With this theory in place the amount of e mails and information traveling almost instantaneously from hemisphere to hemisphere is daunting. With technology creating this global community could this be a turning point in the awakening of the Earth's consciousness? An even more amazing concept is at this time in history when our communication is so rapid is that perhaps certain concepts within movies that truly affect the consciousness of man are in fact self reflections for the planet. It is conceivable that just as we provide the sensory for the planet to experience life that as we reflect on concepts on a micro level that is the planet reflecting on a macro level. From this point the possibilities are endless.

With these thoughts and the limitless horizons they propose are we reflecting as species, or are we truly part of a much larger thought. IS the Earth thinking, pondering its existence? Is it just now becoming a mature being? Of course these analogies could seem crude , but just as we became sentient beings, through higher thought and self reflection so might the planet. Is the Earth, reflecting, experiencing, pondering its existence? And as we are pondering this thought does that mean the earth is also pondering it? If it is all one process of experience then maybe the Earth really does think.

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