Congratulations on creating your Treasure Map - Vision board. Now that you have a visual destination map, you can decide if your dreams and goals are S.M.A.R.T.

Specific - Clarity leads to power and success.

Self Talk:
Your subconscious mind is very literal, is your goal specific, clearly defined? Easy to understand? It has to make sense to you. Your Treasure Map can be general but your journaling and visualizations need to be specific so you can target and achieve your exact goal.

What is your inner voice saying?
Become aware of the mind chatter and develop some supportive self talk. Design affirmations to drown out and replace any negative non supportive thinking.
Instead of allowing your mind to indulge in the usual disaster predictions for your future or complaints about long gone, past events, now, you have unlimited possibilities and choices for affirmations and encouraging self talk.

Story: Do you have a story?
Tony Robbins said "what keeps people from getting what they want, is the story they have about it." Your words are thoughts "materialized or crystalized" into powerful sound waves. What are you putting out into the Universe? T. Harv Eker said, when you have a story - "80% of the people don't care and the other 20 % are kinda glad its happening to you and not them!"

Listen to your story about your goals and if it's; complaints, frustrations, or repeatedly negative you, may wish to modify what you are saying.

There's an old maxim: "if you cant say anything good ... don't say anything." now its time to apply it to YOU!

Measurable: How will you know that you have your goal?

If you want to drop weight, is it 3 or 30 pounds? If you want to improve your income, will finding a quarter in the street satisfy you? Or do you want to increase your net income by $2000, $20,000 or $200,000? How will you measure your success? The subconscious mind doesn't understand loss or gain you will need to state an exact number.

Attainable: Is your goal realistic?

I fully believe we create our own reality and I am extremely practical. So ask yourself, is your goal achievable now? Do you have all the skills needed to manifest this? Do you need to grow, stretch and learn or heal some things to help you along the way to your dreams? Is there space for your goals? Acting in faith can be very subtle, like cleaning out a closet to make room for the "right" relationship. We have all heard "out with the old" in with the new". If you are starting a new business, is there space for your records and equipment.
Many people set goals but are often too busy or afraid to be willing to receive them. Remember the basic formula:


If your goal does require a certain skill set ex:. to become a doctor, speaker, dancer, great athlete, investor, please go and learn these skills.

Take action and keep taking what Jack Canfield calls "inspired action" until you have what you want. Taking inspired action is part of the believing and receiving section and in doing so you are telling the universe you are willing, prepared and ready to receive.

Action is important in both worlds, the outer world of reality and the inner world of thoughts and feelings, i.e.... Doing your Mind work and being disciplined with your thinking and the "vibes" you are generating.

Relevant. - Is it a Passion?

You can decide to have any goal you want, but if its not a true passion for you, is it really relevant to your life and worth your time and energy? When a goal is also a passion you will find endless strength and enthusiasm to succeed and keep going, even through the rough spots, or "growth spurts".


The usual left brain goal setting techniques suggest you put a time frame, a deadline around your goals and many people like to give their goals a definite date. I partly agree. Holistic goal setting and using the Visualizations and Affirmations, are all about having your desired reality NOW, as if it is already in existence. So the way I qualify this is;

If your goal already has form, then set a date. If you are starting a business, you could set dates. if you are conducting seminars, then you can set dates. If you are getting married ...arranging a vacation out a closet ... having a party, then you can set dates and work towards them.

If your goal is still a dream, then I would not set a date, but work with the "having it NOW" concept and energy. If you want to win a Nobel prize, meet and marry the ideal partner, find the house of your dreams or something else which is not tangible. Then you could set dates for the action steps that you will be taking, towards that goal, but not for the attainment, as the quickest way to attract it, is to imagine you already have it now. If you feel compelled to put a date on your Treasure Maps - Vision boards, I would suggest you write the date with this qualifier, "......or sooner". This will allow the universe and your subconscious mind to bring it to you as quickly as possible.

"The universe likes speed" - Joe Vitale

Do you?

Please be aware that if you have nominated a specific time frame it could put undue pressure on you, and whilst some people perform well under pressure and need that intensity to become focused and take action, for others it could encourage non supportive thinking habits to infiltrate such as: fear, worry, panic, feeling rushed.

Be very conscious of your thoughts...

You cannot attract something to you by focusing or worrying about the opposite!

If you do miss your date, determine if it was because your goal is not aligned with your true values, higher purpose or passion, or it is bigger than you originally thought, or is it that you have changed your desires?

If you do not attain your goal by the time your "realistically" chose, there is a reason. Re-evaluate what it is you want, why you want it and is it for your highest good? You may be surprised with your answers and you will always find that out of adversity comes some great learning, opportunity, gift or growth.

© 2008 Barbara Pellegrino - All Rights Reserved.

Author's Bio: 

Since 1994 I have been living my greatest of Dreams, beyond what I had thought was possible. Even though I had a great career and was living a good life ... my biggest goals hadn't come true, until I made myself a Visionboard (treasure map). The work involved, to make your dreams come true, is no where near the great rewards you will receive, once you know how to create a treasure map and focus your mind. Trained in Mind Power, Barbara is a certified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) facilitator and trainer, a visionboard veteran, a life coach and now a published author with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Michael Beckwith and Bill Harris in "Living in Abundance". Barbara conducts Treasure mapping YOUR way to success, workshops and advanced classes in Hawaii, Australia and Mainland USA. Private coaching sessions are available by appointment.