I have enough trouble trying to break bad habits and unhealthy patterns in this lifetime. I don’t need some past life mucking up the works. But how do past lives influence this one? How does karma effect my ability to create my own future? How can I make sure that when I am consciously creating my future, I will stay true to my soul’s purpose?

These are a few of the questions I have pondered as I move along my journey of becoming a Conscious Creator. It is my intention to share what I have come to understand regarding these questions.

You are attracted to this physical plane again and again because of the rich sensuality of the experience. Earth is one of the most incredibly diverse schools in the Universe. It is here that you can best learn how to become a Conscious Creator.
Everything that exists in form, first existed as thought before it was manifested in the physical plane. There is a perceived time lag between when the thought is projected and when the physical form or event materializes. It is because of this time lag that you have an opportunity to refine our thoughts before they become manifest. A lot of people spend most of their time trying to undo what they have created.

In the book A New Beginning, Abraham (a group of non-physical beings channeled by Esther Hicks), tells us that “The basis of your life is freedom. The objective of your life is joy. The result of your life is growth.” Understand that YOU ALONE are responsible for creating your own life experience, and appreciate the absolute freedom this gives you. Earth is a free-will zone.

What do we bring with us from past lifetimes? Mostly curiosity. We are growth-seeking beings. Whatever we learn through our life experience is shared with, and enriches, All That Is. We are hungry to learn about life from all different perspectives.

For example, say that for the past 50 lifetimes or so, you have been pursuing a course in economics. In one lifetime you are curious to know what kind of economic health you will enjoy if you are born into a family who is already wealthy? What kinds of thoughts could cause you to build on your wealth? What kinds of thoughts would cause you to lose your wealth.

In the next lifetime you might want to explore the topic of economics from the perspective of being born into poverty, and the next -- from the middle of the road.

So -- now you are in this lifetime. You have learned how to consciously create and have been having quite a bit of success with it. More and more you experience the inherent joy in the creative process of wanting -- and allowing -- and receiving. However, sometimes you worry that you could take this too far; that you could get so caught up in creating your every whim, that you stray too far from your path.

Do you hear the universal laughter? “Not to worry, Dear One,” your Inner Being says. “Let JOY be your guide.”

Here is the way it works. There is a non-physical part of you that operates as your partner. Let’s call that your Inner Being. Your Inner Being remembers everything you have learned in previous lifetimes and it remembers what you are curious about in this lifetime. It knows all of your dominant intentions. This Inner Being has access to the knowledge of all other Inner Beings and -- All That Is.

Your Inner Being has agreed to act as your guide as you move through this lifetime. It communicates with you through your emotions. When you think thoughts that are in harmony with your dominant intentions, your Inner Being offers you feedback in the form of positive emotions, which means you are positively creating what you want.

When you think about something and you feel negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, guilt, or anger, your Inner Being is telling you that your thoughts are not in harmony with your dominant intentions and that you are negatively creating what you don’t want. The more intense the emotion, either positive or negative, the faster you will pull what you are thinking about into your present.

So how does your past lifetime affect your future ability to create what you want? You have total freedom in this lifetime to learn your chosen lessons as easily and effortlessly as you allow. Your Inner Being helped you set up your life experience so that you would have the maximum opportunity to learn what you were curious about. Your Inner Being, following your dominant intentions, will draw experiences that will help you learn.

When you came into this lifetime, you agreed to let your Inner Being keep your past life memories so you could focus on your dominant intentions for this life time. It can be distracting to remember past lives before you are spiritually mature enough to handle the information. But if you are drawn to remember your past lives, check with your Inner Being for positive emotion at the thought of such exploration.

If it feels good, then you may be quite amazed and amused by what you find. You can learn to retrieve positive traits and talents by tapping into the positive thought patterns. You can learn to release negative thought patterns and beliefs that may be causing what most people call “bad karma.”

When you think thoughts that are in harmony with your soul’s purpose, you will feel joy, enthusiasm and power. When you receive what you have been wanting, you will feel even more joy. From the state of joy, you create more joy. And so it goes. How will you stay on your path? Follow the joy.

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Suzanna Kennedy, creator of the enlightenment technology, Divine Human Upgrades™, is an expert on Planetary and Personal Accelerated Evolution. SelfGrowth.com named her their Official Guide to Enlightenment. She is a captivating speaker and author of the book Sacred Union, Pathway to Paradise.

Suzanna served for 20 years as a corporate consultant to industry giants; leading large-scale change initiatives. In 1997 she experienced a quantum consciousness awakening, birthing a higher dimensional aspect of her soul into her body. In 1998 she founded Reality Crafting and employs her new multi-dimensional skills to receive and translate technologies from higher dimensions to accelerate planetary and personal evolution.

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