How much time should you anticipate for creating an in-depth module, which includes Facilitator and Participant Guides with all the additional "stuff?" The industry standard, or a good rule of thumb, is forty hours of development for every one hour of instructor-led training. So, a four hour class can take as much as 160 hours or four weeks. The figure includes the following components:

1. Research, interview, collection, etc. the content.

2. Document the content.

3. Determine and/or create activities, games, simulations, role plays, case studies, etc.

4. Submit the first draft for review, including the Facilitator and Participant Guides, handouts, PowerPoints, etc.

5. Make the revisions based on the feedback.

6. Submit the second draft for minor revisions.

7. Make the revisions based on the feedback.

8. Pilot the class, including a debrief of both participants and facilitators. (You need to observe and make notes – not facilitate; this is where you identify specific and detailed changes.)

9. Revise the class based on the findings, input, and observation

If some of the components are already completed, then the time estimate is decreased. Each of the components listed is a variable in the development time.

Many trained facilitators take far less time to create their training modules…typically not completing a robust Facilitator Guide. A Facilitator Guide should be written so that even new trainers, or trainers new to the material, can study the material and teach it with confidence. Many Facilitator Guides are not written with that detailed level of confidence imbedded. All facilitators should have some experience or have attended and passed a Train-the-Trainer (Platform or Presentation skills) program.

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