In recent times we have heard quiet a lot in regards detoxification, detox your body, detox your blood, detox your tummy… and what not.

But what is the base line about this Detox fad...

Mainly, our society’s evolution comes with tons of pollution, and we consume it in all possible ways. Breathing, eating, and over all body absorbing all kinds of toxics creates many of the body imbalances that consequently lead to illnesses and diseases.

As a general rule, before starting any detoxification program, clean your surroundings the best you can, find out what around you is creating the toxicity.
If you jump to try to detoxify your self without addressing what around you got you there, most likely you will be back to square one sooner than later.

From the things you use to the things you eat what is not good for you?
Your body is a system, composed of many parts so you must address it whole.
What you listen and how loud, what you watch and how much, what chemicals you put on your body, what food you are ingesting, there all part of getting fully detoxified.

One more big thing about toxicity is your body’s immune system, some people may say they are expose to the same than others and don’t get as sick, this is only because their immune system responds better than others… question is for how long?

I hope I have instilled on you a broader view about detoxification.

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Holistic Health Care Practitioner