Who are we and how do we define ourselves? Are we simply the sum of all we do and accomplish? If asked to define ourselves most people will give a summary of their life’s work, accomplishments, and how they relate to others. For example, “I am a Doctor; I have a wife, and two children. My wife is also a Doctor and my children are in Harvard. I drive a BMW, I have a large beautiful home, and I am fortunate enough to enjoy all the good things life has to provide.”

Now what if we were to say that none of these things actually define who we are? While these things certainly seem to make up the surface of ourselves they do not define the essence of a person.

Bearing this in mind we repeat the question, who are we? How do we define who and what we are?

In meditating on this question something came to me recently. We are closest to who we truly are when we are able to get into that place of absolute quiet in our minds, hearts and souls. It is in this place free from the chatter of our minds that we can truly get a glimpse of who we truly are. In other words our best definition begins with simply being “being”. The phrase comes to mind, “Be a human be-ing, not a human do-ing”.

In some respects this is a very scary notion. We are stripping away all that identifies us. We are in effect putting aside ego, accomplishments, all that we think we know. For some this is a deer in the headlights moment. One begins to realize how very little we really do know about ourselves without some sort of “guide” to tell us that such as our title, our likes and dislikes, accomplishments, etc.

For those who are familiar with Reiki using the Distant Symbol along with the Mental and Emotional symbol will help to calm the mind, and travel to the place that holds the true self. The Distant Symbol itself knows no bounds, and the Mental and Emotional Symbol helps calm spiritual and emotional flack.

These can be used in a sort of Reiki “sandwich” in which you can use the Power symbol before and after both these symbols and concentrate while meditating with the intent of getting to know the true you.

It is amazing the flashes of wisdom and intuition that will occur as you get in touch with this inner core of yourself. The Reiki heals all the barriers that have divided head from heart, and spirit from truth. It seeks to restore the whole person in spirit, which then leads to a healing of body and mind.

What was the most amazing thing to discover is that I am fluid. There is nothing about my spirit that is contained, and there is nothing that can fit in a nice neat little box. Truly the spirit is unique. Each person is like a key on a piano, or a string on an instrument. There are as many variations of spirit as there is of notes. There is no “wrong”. Each note has its own purpose just as each human being does. We are not meant to be “defined” necessarily. We were meant to be physical expressions of our Spirits. Our Spirits on the other hand were never meant to be caged, or to be confined to the physical plain of existence.

Author's Bio: 

I have followed a healing path now for nearly twenty years. I started as a nondenominational lay minister and worked as one from 1980-1992.

I received my ordination through the Universal Light Church and I have both my bachelors and masters degree in Divinity.

In January 2005 I received my Master in several modalities. In order to keep up with my Reiki education and practice I am involved in ongoing Reiki educational classes and clinics. I am a certified Sekem-Seichim Reiki Master, Usui Master, Usui Okuiden Shoden Shinpiden Master, Gendai Master, Lightarian™ Reiki and Karuna® Reiki Master.

In the past, I worked with Frederick Memorial Hospital in their new Cancer ward and endeavor, and as well at Frances Scott Key Mall Wellness Center by giving Reiki to all who need it. To date, I have been working with Dr. Harold Bob at Season's Hospice of Baltimore Maryland, providing Reiki to dying patients, as well as training hospice staff in Reiki techniques and treatments.