If you are anything like me, you tend to have things piling up around you... in your office, your closet, your desktop, your working space, your house, your anywhere and everywhere!

And I know many of us have very legitimate reasons for having things pile up. We run out of time, too busy, can't physically do it... excuses, excuses, excuses! I have used them all!

For many years I'd read about the importance of getting rid of clutter. In all the personal development material I'd absorbed over the years, in all the conferences, workshops and seminars I had attended, they all pointed to the need to declutter your life.

According to The Law of Attraction: you need to get rid of the old (things that don't work, the unnecessary, the negative, the junk) before you can begin to let in the new.

It took me a long, long time to really understand and appreciate the true value of declutter....of getting rid of unnecessary things in my life.

These are the 5 tell-tale signs in my life that it is time I need to declutter:

• I'm feeling overwhelmed with everything; things begin to pile up. Tasks, even everyday tasks, which ordinarily would be done with relative ease, become problematic and more difficult. I know I need to declutter...when I can't do things as easily as what I usually do. I don't learn things as quickly (depending on what that is of course). And I get this almighty feeling of being incredibly overwhelmed.

• I'm feeling more tired... actually better described as more drained than usual. Years ago I read, that clutter actually takes away a lot of valuable energy in your life. It took me a long time to work that one out and take the idea on board in my own life! And yes... they are right! Unnecessary clutter is draining.

• Each time I look at my environment (desktop, room, office, closet, house, car) I feel stifled. When the clutter has built up... it weighs me down. I feel like I'm carrying excess weight around (and who wants to do that!). And strangely enough, I don't breathe as well as I do when my environment is decluttered. And when I don't breathe as fully as I can, I don't work, or more importantly play, at my peak.

• When I no longer can easily find what I'm looking for (as opposed to having forgotten what I'm looking for!!). And I hate that! When I know I have something... but because of all the clutter... I just can't find it! I spend untold wasted energy and time looking for something that, if the clutter wasn't there, would be easily found.

• My mood is down. When I have a pile of unwanted things hanging around, things I no longer use, things that really should be thrown out or given away, things that just need to go in the right place, I feel really quite down. I begin to feel somewhat helpless (which is not a good feeling), I tend to be more negative in my thinking and talking (which is definitely not good) and I tend to be more lethargic (definitely a no-no!)

When any of these things begin happening... alarm bells ring and I know it is time to declutter -- right now! Not tomorrow... but right now!

I don't have to do everything at once... but I know I have to get myself into gear to declutter.

It's a choice I have to make ... clutter or declutter... I choose to declutter!

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Jeanne May of Aspirations Plus, works with spiritually minded people providing them with information, inspiration, guidance and support to achieve their goals and dreams.
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