I have often been asked my opinion about the detox remedies (patches) that are being promoted in late night infomercials or the Detox footbaths that are popping up in Chiropractic offices, salons, and recently in a ladies health club that has since closed it’s doors. I have always been cautionary in my remarks suggesting that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. So I took it on myself to do a little google investigating and found that my reservations were justified.

We Americans have always been suckers for the “quick fix”. We fall prey to snake oil salesmen who promise us quick weight loss while we sleep or a magic elixir that will cure all our ills. The science behind these foot baths can’t support their claims. Anyone who knows basic anatomy has learned that the integument (skin) is formost a waterproof covering for our body and the skin of the bottom of our feet has a different pore system just like the palms of our hands and pads of our fingers. While it is true that the feet is a catching ground for toxins that the body fails to eliminate (urea acid crystals) because of gravity and because the feet, like storm drains, are a mix of muscles, tendons, and many small bones; these toxins are deep in the tissue beyond the integument and can only be reabsorbed and released thru the circulatory and lymph systems. In simple terms, it cannot be released through the skin. While much is made about the pads or footbaths changing color, the explanation is simple. The chemical reaction is similar to test strips used to test swimming pool water. Because we keep socks and shoes on most of the time our feet often become breeding ground for bacteria. Now most of this bacteria is helpful and part of our natural flora and fauna, sometimes it gets out of control such as athletes foot. Like pool water we change from acidic to alkaline and back again in regular cycles. This is the bodies way of keeping bacteria in check and the smell that emits from our feet is caused by this dead bacteria (no need to worry, normal bathing takes care of this) which will have a vinegar like odor when w are acidic and a sweet rotten smell when we are alkaline. So essentially the chemicals in the pads react to our bodies natural ph but do NOTHING to change this or have any effect on us. Really, it’s just smoke and mirrors but no more sophisticated or beneficial than the mood rings that were popular in the 70’s.

The problem is when claims are made that these baths do more than wash your feet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of pedicures and healthy feet, and encourage anyone to have these treatments because they feel great and keep us healthy. I just don’t want anyone to be misled by false claims. I’ve attached some links to the end of this article if you’d like to investigate this further. You’ll especially like the eye witness report from a Phoenix TV news team. I don’t believe that you’ll find any medical doctor or true health professional that will support the claims of these detox products. Many States are investigating these products and their claims based on consumer complaints and such as their use becomes more prevalent. Let’s hope that common sense prevails over snake oil.
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Michael has enjoyed and been involved with bodywork all his life. Even as a teenager he was learning about energy work, Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Reflexology and massage. In 1974,while living in Hawaii, he was taught Lomi-Lomi in the traditions of Morna Simeona. Also at this time he was first introduced to Rolfing and many oriental traditions.

Finally after 25 years in the credit and collection industry, where he was a collections manager, private investigator, and represented clients in small claims court, Michael followed his dream and went to the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in Las Vegas.
While just a student he passed his National Certification 6 weeks before graduation which enabled him to get his Utah Massage license in just 19 days after he finished school. So after 25 years of rubbing people the wrong way, he now gets to rub them the right way!
Working with clear intent, Michael uses all his skills to make each session with each client the best ever. He learns from everyone he encounters and his primary goal is to continue to perfect the skills that make his bodywork sessions truly memorable.