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Author's Bio: 

Brief Bio.

For more than 20 years Dr. Louise Aznavour, PhD Clinical Psychologist, Communications Facilitator and Stress Management Advisor developed therapeutic expertise in the treatment of phobias, anxiety, panic disorders, communication difficulties, stress, and multitude of problems people face in daily living.

Her expertise includes offering therapy to the public, teaching the techniques used in the field of Clinical Psychology, to doctoral students and seasoned professionals from various countries.

Dr. Aznavour's professional experience spreads over several hospitals in the Montreal area, Canada, including the Douglas Hospital Center, a Psychiatric Institute and a designated teaching Hospital to graduate students from McGill University and Université de Montréal.

In order to open a new world and obtain additional skills, Dr. Aznavour studied Sign Language at Gallaudet University for the Deaf in Washington, D.C. This led her to become the Psychologist Consultant for more than a decade at the Mackay Center School for the Deaf.

In addition to Sign Language, she also speaks Armenian, English, French and Turkish. These languages are Life -Tools opening new ways of looking at the world, widening her perspective, and enriching her outlook toward different cultures and viewpoints.
Upon invitation, she teaches in European Universities and gives conferences in Canada and Europe on varied topics such as Creativity and Innovation, Stress Management, Humour and Laughter, Prevention of Burnout, Therapeutic Techniques and Practical Applications.

She continues to maintain a private practice in Montreal, Canada.