Please Relax and have an Open Mind, Imagine that you have No Name, No Memories, No Identity as this will help you Dissolve the information at a Neutral level of UnderStanding. You will be able to
“Extract the Meaning” of the words wrote here with less Resistance of your Conditioned Thoughts, Reactions and Emotions. A RELAXed Mind is a Mind that can absorb the true Meaning of words to make the Real Truth heard. So again, to Understand the Knowledge and information wrote here i strongly Suggest that you keep in Mind the importance of a free Mind for true Understanding and Insight to manifest. Please come back to this email as it is quite long. My suggestion would be that you read this at a more convenient time, no distractions, no phone, no noise, nothing. Just a Clear Mind and totally Relaxed, think about being Relaxed for the rest of the day and i guarantee, you will.

Remember, you only need to extract the “MEANING” so stay clear of the scientific jargon, it’s there to help guide you into Understanding.

The latest spurt of UFO sighting are here to help people to be “weaned” into a reality of a New Consciousness. To most people they will be either frightening or enlightening dependant on what their views on Reality are. To some it may be the end of the world; to others a sign and the rest are in-between. The Truth of the “matter” is that if you Understand the New Word View or understand the implications to what Quantum Physics says and/or Realize that what the Ancient Teachings where all about you will realize that they are all talking about the same thing, but from different perspectives, they are all talking of course about Consciousness and once you Start to Realize who you really are and how we all Create our own Reality, then you will Understand that the UFO part of this great experiment of life is no more than a filtering process which will help the Consciousness of this planet Embrace their Fear or to expand the Consciousness to accept the Reality of a much bigger “game” that we call life. No matter what people think of it all it will help broaden the spectrum for possibility and also help modify the psychology of some people who are stuck in the old Paradigm. The latest sighting and the phenomenal evidence that supports Extra Terrestrial beings is just part and parcel of the evolutionary process of Consciousness and this is easy to grasp once the importance of Who You Really Are is Realized and Awoken in you. These sightings and many other Mysteries, Conspiracies, cataclysms and all of the Information that has been hidden from the Human race will Now start to be revealed, and already is. For as long as history has been around we have read and studied all of the Wisdom and still choose to be unconscious beings. It is Now time for Consciousness to move on and for the human race to WAKE UP to the New Era In Life Transformation, if you are sceptical, good, because no-one can change your beliefs only You Can and so all this information i am presenting here is for you to do your own research if you choose, but as before i must again add that the Truth can only be “felt” and not thought of!!!

LIFE IS A GAME and once the rules of this game are fully understood UFO’s, Conspiracies, The Cosmos, Life itself, and Death can be put into the pot of ILLUSION and the magic of Consciousness takes over and the True Nature of who we are!!!, where we are going?, where do we come from?, what do we do? and what happens then all comes into a Vision of Crystal Clarity. You see Reality is not what most people think, in fact True Reality can’t really be thought about unless you start to Stop Looking at the World from inside yourself and looking at it from a totally New Perspective. In fact in the words of Einstein,

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.
Albert Einstein (synonymous with GENIOUS)
And to help you Understand this point better i must also point out that the next quotes about reality are all by the leading “scientific” brains to ever walk the face of this planet and i might add that these are the people who all started out studying and testing “Material” substances so these guys would be the hardest to convince and even today many Scientist find this new Reality hard to grasp. The quotes you see below are all made by Nobel Prize Winners and if you counted the amount of Nobel Prize’s winners to the amount of Lottery tickets that made people millionaires it would look like the Lottery are giving the tickets out like confetti! These people have dedicated their lives to Science and have given us the technology of today, so knowing full well that there reputation was on the line they all still made these kinds of claims:
Aspect's findings "indicate that we must be prepared to consider radically new views of reality".
David Bohm
“In some sense man is a microcosm of the universe; therefore what man is, is a clue to the universe. We are enfolded in the universe”
David Bohm

Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger (founder of Quantum mechanics)
“What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space”.
Erwin Schrodinger
Max Planck, 1919 Nobel Prize address, 'The Origin and Development of the Quantum Theory'
“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter”.
Max Planck
Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.
Niels Bohr

If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.
Niels Bohr

What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.
Werner Heisenberg

This info from http://www.spaceandmotion.com/physics-quantum-mechanics-werner-heisenber...

As you can see the evidence speaks for itself, now let us consider what the mystics and what was taught in the great mystery schools of the past had to say about The Reality of Consciousness.

The next text is from http://www.blavatskytrust.org.uk/html/articles/ancient%20wisdom.htm

The Wisdom
The Ancient Wisdom is knowledge, in depth, of the nature and processes of the Cosmos as a living whole. This knowledge in the present time is represented in part by that of modern science, of religion and of philosophy, but science and religion are at times mutually antagonistic. The Ancient Wisdom claims to be interested in truth as represented by what is, as opposed to any dogmatic statement of truth, on whatever authority. And there is only one Truth. Truth cannot be contradictory.
The Ancient Wisdom, however, discloses to us that behind the scenes of our objective existence there are whole worlds of normally invisible powers, forces, energies and even entities representing Life in its dynamic aspect.
Those known sometimes as the Masters of the Wisdom, who are very much further along the evolutionary path than the great majority of mankind at its present state, occasionally make efforts to enlighten mankind. They have discovered that the way into the knowledge of these inner workings of Nature is by a keep knowledge of their own natures. They have given us some specific teachings for our guidance and to help our understanding. The road is beset with difficulties, not so much in the nature of the journey itself as in our immaturities and defects of character.
Every thing and every creature shows forth two essential aspects: one, an energy, life or spirit aspect, and the other, a material or form aspect, the latter giving expression to the former. All faculty needs a developed vehicle or organ through which to function. Polarity is observable throughout nature as spirit-matter, positive-negative, male-female, etc.
The Universal Law
Universal Law is the synthesis of all natural laws. It is the total of all processes in Cosmos. It is exemplified in the great rhythms of Nature. All things, from the greatest to the smallest, have a beginning, continue to be for a time, and then drop out of existence. There are cycles of being and non-being; of alternation; of ebb and flow; of inbreathing and outbreathing; of activity and rest; of life and death. But things are given time to fulfill their function in the scheme of things. The Law ensures that the Universe is self-preserving. The maintenance of harmonious equilibrium in all its parts means that there is a direct relation between cause and effect, whereby all action is balanced by reaction.
Man's Relation to Cosmos
According to the Wisdom's teaching man occupies a very special place on the evolutionary ladder. He is the only being on earth reflecting in his own being the total constitution of Cosmos. This means to say that the elements of his nature are miniature replicas, in all respects, of those of Nature generally from the highest, the most spiritual, to the lowest, the dense physical of our objective existence. There is a scale of correspondences which links his principles to what are known as planes of Nature. These planes of Nature actually consist of lives, of hierarchies of living beings, with ever-ascending levels of consciousness and power.
So teaches the Ancient but Ageless Wisdom as we have it from its Masters, the Elder Brothers of Mankind. They will ever inspire those of us who are worthy, having qualified ourselves to be of real help to humanity as it struggles along the same road to perfection which they have trod. All of us, however, can aspire.
This is a very small amount for your Understanding of how the Sciences of today are catching up with the ancient ways of knowing our relation to the cosmos, the UFO’s are just a tiny proportion of the experiences we may all have. Just Relax and Imagine if a very long time ago a few people knew all about the power of the mind and who we really are, and decided to keep the knowledge for themselves! well there is an overwhelming amount of evidence out there that shows just this and these people have been playing the game knowing the all the rules and using it to cause fear and chaos. These people are using the name the “Illuminati”, they are the light bringers and have given humanity the yang of life which is all part of the magical game, the UFO’S are just another part of it to hurry the process up and move on to the next level of Consciousness, so whether it’s alien beings or the Illuminati it doesn’t really matter because it’s all in the illusion of life. This is the main point people need to get, to understand who they really are which pure consciousness is. You see most people have forgotten who they are because of Conditioning, they think that who they are is what looks at them in the mirror but its not, that’s just memories that give that individual a sense of who they are. People need to Wake up and smell the coffee because the old paradigm obviously doesn’t work. Let me please leave you with a image of what my understanding as to what is real:

Everything in the cosmos is energy even thoughts and all of the other dimensions that exist beyond ours, and there are many. You are not in your body as most people think but your body is in you, not in your head/brain but consciousness which everything is, always has and always will be. For example; dreams are no different from this reality, but this is the reality most people “believe” is more real because they have been locked in there ego for so long that they cannot break free from form or all the stuff/matter that they think is real. The body is meant to be a vessel that goes about this three dimensional space to create fantastic personal individual lives which gains experience for the individual and for the human race and the planet as a whole, this learning experience manifests on an individual level by way of, every man gets his just deserts in his human lives or after them by the law of *Kama. This learning which may be a good or bad experience to the individual dilutes back into the infinite consciousness of pure energy which then evolves, not just the species but itself as the whole, in the ancient mystery schools this was known as the Omega cycle.
Nothing exist outside of NOW, this is a Fact. There is no future, there is no past, just the NOW. Everthing including the Cosmos and you and me, our thoughts, our feelings, Time and the Universe at large and small is happening all at once, NOW and always will be. If you IMAGINE an infinite Space full of fizzing foam and the “fizz” in the foam is information which is what everything is including Time and Space, the “foam” is the infinite Energy Source, this is Consciousness which is constantly bubbling and transferring information to give the ILLUSION that this “dream world” we live in is REAL, this also includes the ILLUSION of time. The flow of time as we know is just a man made concept that the church put in place centuries ago, but it doesn’t exist, time doesn’t flow we just think it does because of conditioning. Time and Space are just a bit of fizz in the foam or, just concepts of thought which Consciousness has magnificently decided that it would create and illusion flowing time and of the things that we call material or form. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing except Consciousness which everything is and always will be, once you know this TRUTH Reality can be changed. Again, IMAGINE that when you thought about something it instantly materialized, IMAGINE then that after some thought you would get bored so would up the experience and add a “buffer of time” so that Choices could be changed and contemplated upon to give more depth and meaning in the Consciousness experiment we call life. If you can IMAGINE this reality, you can IMAGINE then what Spirit or Soul is and know that there is no death, just constant fizzing of the foam which is eternal, you will also then REMEMBER who you really are and all this happens NOW.
If you still don’t understand what all this is about maybe it would be good if you looked at all the ancient prophecies, especially the Mayan culture. They say as well as others from the past that we are going through a transitional period and that it is happening Now, already (UFO’s, government corruption, Elitist and bloodlines, catastrophes of various sorts et c) and then we are being cleansed on a cycle which happens every 26000 years. When you also understand that Scientifically, the sun is also coming into alignment with the galactic centre of our milky way and we are going to be hit with photon light which is the highest form of light we know of and as DNA is transmitter/receiver of (photon) light this process will genetically modify our DNA, nobody knows what effects this will have on a human body because we are not sure what information will be in the light energy, maybe the Bermuda Triangle effect but with ascended abilities (speculation). But on 21 December 2012 the Mayan calendar which is the most accurate calendar to date Stops and so does Terrence Mckenna’s TimeWave Zero computer simulation and well known computer prediction software called the Web Bot. Consciousness has provided this illusion for our learning experience and now it is time for us all to Wake the fuck up and be prepared for the changes because if not the human psyche will not understand what is going on in the world and will be left behind in the old paradigm and your UFO’s are just another “experience” for the population to either, understand what is going on or be afraid (fear) which is exactly what the Illuminati want. Remember though this is all an illusion and once you understand this truth you can play your life as a game but knowing the rules of it full well.

This although quite long for an email quickie it only just feathers the edges to the full knowledge and that couldn’t possibly all be written anyway. I wrote this letter because it just seemed to coincide with a talk which I will be doing soon thanks for the story.

For the last 3 years i have not had a t.v. or bought newspapers so that i could find out the true Truth. i am 35 years of age and have spent the last few years (non-stop for days sometimes) by getting information, sorting out the information and cross referencing authors, books, documentaries, and science and implementing this into what the “old wisdom” teachings have been talking about for so long, you see we have come Full Circle as a human race and Now it is time for the Cleansing Process to be Unravelled so that we can become prepared for the Evolutionary shift in Consciousness.

Gareth Victor Jones

Fidgit.co.uk – gvj@fidgit.co.uk don’t hesitate for any more info

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