Whether you are a fan of The Secret, or could simply use a daily reminder of your goals, a vision board can be a great tool for putting you closer to your dreams. You can use it for visualization exercises, daydreaming, or to keep your goals/dreams in mind on a regular basis. I recently made one of my own, will share with you how I did it.

The concept is simple: To create an area in your living space, that portrays a visual representation of what you want for your life. It can be a small as a sheet of paper, or as large as a wall, that's up to you. Put your vision board someplace where you will see it frequently. If you choose a small one, how about putting it on the refrigerator? Maybe in the bathroom? I put mine by my bed. I see it when I wake up and again before I go to sleep.

There are many ways to collect your images.
Cut pictures out of magazines, use personal photographs, draw pictures, make a video slide show, or use the Internet to collect and print images.
This is how I made mine.

I started by making a list of 5-6 things that I really wanted for my life. One of the things I want is a house with a great room, with tons of light that I can use as a studio. I went to Google Images and did a search for "great room". Hundreds of pictures of great rooms came up. I looked through them until I saw one that really excited me. I then saved that image to my hard drive. After I had 5 or 6 compelling photos, I studied them and picked my favorite. (Hint: only use images that inspire big positive emotions for you.) I chose an image with good resolution and was able to print it out as a 7" x 9" picture using photo paper. I then put it in an 8x10 inch frame.

I also wanted something to represent a new relationship with money. I found an image (Google again) of a tree growing dollar bills, I also got an image of a dove held in cupped hands, then put the dove image in the top of the money tree. I now had a photo that symbolized being at peace with money.

Here is the best Internet resource of all! I discovered a website that allows you to create a newspaper headline and article, and you can write whatever you want. You can then print out a very real looking article straight from your imagination. I composed an article where I am being interviewed about my successful new business. I talk about how quickly things have grown, and about how much I love what I am doing. You also date the article. Assuming that this is a powerful creation tool, how soon did you want that? This was great fun to do; I was surprised at how writing my "article" just flowed.
This amazing website: http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp

When I had all my images, I framed them, and then arranged them on my bedroom wall. I ended up with 6, but realized quickly that I only truly cared about 4 of them.

Each morning, when I awake, there they are, my dreams- beautiful, alive in full color, and great fuel for my imagination to visualize, visualize.

So what will your vision board look like?

Author's Bio: 

Cyndi Safstrom is a certified life coach who helps Mid-Lifers re-connect with their dreams. Cyndi conducts workshops and personal coaching, and also writes articles on living Your Best Life for her monthly newsletter. Her website www.MyBestLifeCoach.com offers more info on Life Coaching and schedules for her workshops.