One of the best ways to ignite your passion for life is to create a Vision. To make up a story of how your life looks, every aspect of it, at some future time. Look at least five years into the future and write about each of these areas: Career, Money, Friends & Family, Significant Other, Fun and Recreation, Personal Growth, Health, and Physical Environment.

What does it feel like to have this life?
Describe in as much detail as possible what's happening
What values are you honoring?
What is the impact on those around you?
What parts of you have you cultivated along the way?
Really challenge yourself to swing out there and dream it up BIG

A couple of tips here: be sure to write the story as though it's already happening. Your brain does not know the difference between reality or now and what you're making up. Also, the more FEELING you write about, the more exciting it all becomes.

Here's a bit of an example from my own Vision Story to get you started. It's June of 2012, I'm sitting in my Jacuzzi tub sipping some Fiji water, watching the sunset, marveling at the last five years and all that has transpired. My husband is inside taking a nap. I'm feeling particularly peaceful as I know that while we're in Hawaii, my business is running itself. Those changes I began to make back in 2006 have really paid off, I've now reached 1 million plus folks around the globe. Each of whom have transformed their work into a labor of love. I am so grateful for my Virtual Assistant, she puts everything in order and keeps me on track. I am boundlessly blessed by the presence of my clients and the camaraderie I have with other coaches. A smile comes over my face as I think of my book making it to the New York Times best seller list. Seems like just a few short years ago, I was self publishing. This wave of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship sure is sweeping the global and I feel immense satisfaction and fulfillment for being a part of transforming so many lives. Ah, the Ripple effect. Then there is the Foundation we started three years ago that has now helped thousands of women and children escape the slavery of the Human Trafficking industry. This is by far my proudest achievement and I couldn't have done it without the great partners I've come to know and love. You get the idea.

Listen, "We make it all up." What I mean is this, we are creators of our reality. There is nothing that happens outside ourselves that we can call objective reality. We truly interact with our internal map of reality and only see what falls in line with that map. It's like the Field in the movie the Matrix or if you're a Star Trek fan, remember the Holodeck where you could enter any place and time? That's truly what we're doing every day. Right now, it's just being unconsciously created for us. You can effect that Field or Hologram by what you put your focus on.

Now let me say a bit more about the importance of feelings. Feelings are the bridge from our souls to our manifestations. When we want some thing or some experience, what drives that desire is the feeling we believe will come from getting it or achieving it. Think about being with the your one true love. You're wrapped in each others arms, gazing into each other's eyes, what do you feel? Oneness, bliss, loved, joyful? Feelings are the real pull for us as human beings to create anything. They point the way and act as a litmus test for where we are in relation to our dreams. It can be a challenge to feel great about our lives just as they appear currently while dreaming of creating a more fulfilling existence. But then, that's a thought for another newsletter. By creating a Vision, we essentially enter the program into the Hologram for more feelings of love, joy, and peace. What could be easier than that?

Author's Bio: 

Mary Beth Shewan, M.S., CPCC, MCC is principal of Wholelife Coaching and has been a Lifestyle Entrepreneur coach for 10 years. She is currently on the faculty of Coaches Training Institute as a Certification Program Leader. Over the last ten years as a professional coach, she’s worked one-on-one, with groups, and through tele-classes. Mary Beth is dedicated to helping Createful Souls develop balance, abundance, and meaningful work. She finds great joy in her meditation practice and study of Universal Spirituality.