Create a Breakthrough in your Business through the Power of Partnerships.

What is the 3-Step Power Partnership System that everyone is talking about?
Is it the key to success and profits? You bet. And it all begins from the inside out; with your divine purpose, what we call a Partnership with Yourself. What are your unique gifts and strengths? What gets you excited, lights your fire, and makes you happiest? What is most important to you ¡V and why?

Denise Trifiletti, Founder of Women¡¦s Community, believes that a ¡§Partnership with Self¡¨ is the rock-solid foundation of entrepreneurial success. To be highly successful you must have an understanding of your purpose and passion ¡V something that drives and motivates you and sustains you through tough times. Trifiletti believes that if you integrate your passion into your business endeavors you are much more likely to succeed. ¡§It¡¦s a holistic approach which leads to success and happiness¡¨ says Trifiletti.

The second key partnership that is critical to your success is called a ¡§Partnership with your Time¡¨. Since time is the only asset that we all have the same amount of, Trifiletti believes that how one uses their time is a key indicator of success. As a former associate of Dr. Stephen R. Covey, she believed in and promoted his First Things First approach. To be highly effective is a great challenge for most women. Why? Because our greatest strength of multi-tasking often prevents us from focusing on strategies that provide us with the greatest return on our time. Trifiletti refers to your ¡¥personal¡¦ and ¡¥professional¡¦ ROI as your bottom line: your enjoyment and happiness doing what you love, and your financial return or profits. Again, it¡¦s a holistic partnership with your time.

Last, and perhaps the most important power partnership, is the creation of ¡§Power Partnerships with others¡¨. Many women are multi-taskers, and try to do it all in their business. Many don¡¦t believe they can afford to hire a contractor or employee. Many cannot let go or trust than another can do some things more effectively than themselves. Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same; it becomes difficult, takes too long and becomes near impossible to grow your business. Often times, burn out occurs and the business fails. Women feel that there is just too much to do and too little time.

Start believing and saying that you have all the time you need. Know that it is just a matter of prioritizing and the choices you make. Do not try to do it all or go it alone. ¡§Partner, partner, and partner some more¡¨ says Trifiletti. Create strategic alliances and joint ventures. Denise believes that Power Partnerships are the key to exponential business growth. By partnering with others you can achieve increased sales of your products and services, increased market reach, build your email list, and the list goes on.

Most women are natural collaborators but many are unsure how to start, or how to partner effectively. Denise refers to your best potential alliances as Power Partners. You need to put in writing a specific list of attributes of your idea partner, just like you would do for the idea client you wish to attract. The clearer your vision and the more specific your definition, the more success you will have attracting them.

Define, seek out and build power partnerships with those that can help you in the areas that are not your strength or interest, so you can focus on what you do best! Find those that can help you to sell and market your products and services, and find those who can provide you with support and accountability. ¡§Partner with women in our community who are ambitious, abundant, caring and giving. They are ¡¥on purpose¡¦ and they are passionate about what they do. They like to give back, help others succeed and contribute to their communities and the world¡¨ says Trifiletti.

The Women¡¦s Community 3-Step Power Partnership System is the only virtual community that focuses on Joint ventures, strategic alliances and collaboration as the key to happiness, exponential business growth and profits. Discover how to build Power Partnerships with:

„« Yourself
„« Your time
„« Others

Our services are totally virtual so that women can build and maintain communications with a global network of other women from the comfort of their own home, 24/7. Rather than market 1-1 we know marketing to 1- hundreds of thousands produces greater profits.

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Author's Bio: 

Denise Trifiletti founded to help business women GROW, personally and professionally, through the Power of Partnerships!

After years of corporate sales and training success, she learning from sales and performance experts like Dr. Stephen Covey the secrets of her success. She left the corporate world and established Dynamic Destiny Partnerships ( to help others to grow their sales.

Her clients became mostly women who were not only struggling to GROW their sales and business, but also struggling, juggling, and attempting to do it all! Denise coached women 1-1 and in groups sharing her formula for success:
The 3-Step Power Partnership System including a Partnership with yourself, your time, and others. She knew that these 3 key Power Partnerships were the keys to both a joyful life and exponential business growth.

Coming from high tech, she knew that the Internet was how she would reach women globally so that she can make a difference, and leave a legacy ¡V achieve her destiny!
Thus the birth of WomensCommunity.Com which helps women to GROW, personally and professionally through the Power of Partnerships.

Denise is a speaker and author of
Create the Business Breakthrough you Want,
Secrets & Strategies of the Worlds Greatest Mentors,
Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Denise Trifiletti et al. Mission Publishing 2004.

Included in her book are the proven ASK, GROW & RESULTS models that she invented along with her partner, Don, www.

She is a collaborator, leader, and visionary and is on a mission to help women across the globe to achieve their destiny!