Daily intake of cultured foods and fermented probiotic liquids is a natural way to create good health.

Cultured foods like kefir, cultured vegetables and naturally fermented probiotic liquids contain beneficial bacteria for the colon along with essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals. A healthy colon is vital for detoxifying the body and absorbing nutrients from your food. It is our first line of defense.

Getting the good bacteria from cultured food and naturally fermented liquid probiotics not only replenishes the colon, but the fermentation/culturing process enhances the nutrition in the food and predigests it, providing super available nutrition, which is especially important for those with digestion or nutrient absorption problems. Cultured foods also satisfy cravings.

The action of the culture organisms makes the minerals in cultured foods more readily available to the body. The bacteria also produce B vitamins, providing a significant increase to the level of these vitamins in many cultured foods.

Cultured foods and naturally fermented probiotic liquids contribute to efficient digestion in three ways: by breaking down foods to make digestion and assimilation easier, by providing enzymes to aid digestion, and by supplying and nourishing the correct intestinal bacteria.

These foods are very rich in enzymes produced by the culture organisms and the processes of fermentation. This means that eating cultured foods assists in the digestion of other foods by building up the enzyme supply.

Tasks Performed by Enzymes

1. Building minerals into nerves, bones and blood.
2. Breaking down of complex food particles so that they can be easily absorbed & utilized by the body.
3. Storing surplus nutrients in the liver and muscles.
4. Removing waste products from cells.
5. Neutralizing toxins and downgrading hormones in the liver.

Digestion of nutrient dense foods and the ability to absorb these nutrients is vital to creating long term health in the body.

Note: (Cultured foods/liquids, found in the grocery store, are generally pasteurized which destroys these beneficial bacteria and enzymes.)

Author's Bio: 

Beverly Hartsfield is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. After suffering from mercury poisoning, chemical sensitivites, allergies, candida, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, she healed herself completely with nutrition. See her story under Bev's Journey on her website at earthincommon.com.