A couple of days ago, a man performed a miracle by crash landing his plane into the Hudson River and saved the lives of 154 people and his own. This is an awesome deed and I am wondering if, maybe, this happened to remind us about the GOOD things that happen in this world.

It saddens me to see all the usual surrounding negativity and it is refreshing to be able to see such a great, positive event being reported on. Of course, the reality is that many great deeds happen every day but are never known to the world. But this is not my point today...

I fly quite a lot and I can't help but try to imagine being one of these people on the plane. The passengers, the crew, the pilot and co-pilot... 155 people just SURVIVED a plane crash... One hundred and fifty five people. 155... A plane crash... Do you realize? This just seems unbelievable! How more hopeful can you get?

I just imagine what is going to happen in these people's lives once they get out of their shock. This is like being given a chance at a second life! This is like a PS3 game where you have an extra life to play with.

I am trying to imagine how shaken these people will be and what priorities they will see in their lives from now on. I bet you a lot of them will jump into things they’ve always wanted to do but never dared. I bet you they will stop sweating the small stuff and appreciate what they have and never take anything for granted again.

Of course, it would take a lot less to shake anybody out of their comfortable life slumber. But, truly, it seems that most great achievements, bringing to life fulfillment, often come after some tragedy or obstacle in someone’s life. I am no exception.

What is it that we do wrong in our society that brings people to get so comfortable that they lose sense of how great their lives is and can be? Why does it take a near death experience, a crippling accident, an illness or some form of drama to make people react? Why can’t people see how lucky they are with what they have, but also realize that they can reach for the stars? What stops people from following their heart and hunches to pursue their dream?

What is the worst that can happen? When these people boarded their flight, they probably didn’t try to answer this question; otherwise they wouldn’t have got on the plane. What is the worst that can happen when you board a plane? The plane can crash and you are pretty much guaranteed to die. And yet no one thinks that way when they are going to meet their family and friends for Thanksgiving. But they are taking a huge risk. Because, even though the odds are low, you may die. This time, 155 people were unbelievably lucky.

Many people live life in third gear. Third gear is not bad. It’s not too slow, it’s not too fast, it’s comfortable. It won’t take you very far any time soon though. I don’t think that any of the 155 survivors are going to settle for third gear. They will now ask themselves more often: “what is the worst that can happen if I…”. Fill in the blank yourself. What do you want out of life? A new job, a better relationship, a brighter future? Make it happen!

These survivors have a greater purpose and this experience is going to shake them out of their torpor and they will live their lives to the fullest. Most of us need to get out of our torpor; we just have to find it in ourselves to do it. No one needs a plane crash.

Or did we all need it? Did the whole world need it so that we could all be shaken, pushed, awaken and shown the hope around us? Let's go after it!

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Florence Bernard, Educator, Author, Coach, Entrepreneur
Web sites: betteratschool.com and doitasyoufeel.com.