We exist in a realm of experiential reality that we generally take for granted as solid, stable, and intrinsically real. However, ancient wisdom and modern findings in physics and consciousness research suggest that our everyday perception of reality is completely illusory. The model which gives a more accurate conceptualization of creation and reality begins with the understanding that all of existence is varying expressions of Consciousness Itself. To fully realize Itself and experience all the Self-contained potentialities of existence this consciousness generated vibratory fields of awareness within Infinite Self that generate fields of awareness within themselves, ad infinitum. As these field of awareness are generated they condense consciousness and awareness, making each level of separation from the Infinite less aware of levels of reality beyond its illusory separate self. Yet, all is connected to the Original Source, the Central Processing Unit of Creation which is aware of all the experiential fields and waves of consciousness traversing the potentials expressed in these realities. Thus, each field or sub-processor within Creation can access higher levels of information when it is able to recognize that this is possible.

Similarly, on a computer network, anyone on the network can access information from any other part of the network when there are no file access limits in place. All the information on the Internet is available to anyone who can successfully locate it - the moment a web page is placed online anyone can access it. In the Information Processing system of Creation all information about past, present, and future exists, since time and space are illusions created by the condensing of consciousness. Since we are all part of this Creation we have capabilities of accessing this information to the extent that higher levels of the system (higher levels of Self) allow us. This is the principle underlying the practice of dowsing.

Keep in mind that there is a purpose for our awareness being limited to the extent it is in our human form. We can't have the range of experiences we have if we know too much! That being said, dowsing is a way of consciously asking questions or seeking information and using the human body with or without a dowsing instrument to receive a response to the query from a higher level of awareness. The greater's one's confidence in doing this and the greater one's conceptualization of topics about which information is sought, the greater the possibilities for applying dowsing. Remember, the amount of information being processed to run your body is beyond comprehension of your conscious mind. It's an impressive system, but many factors can generate faults in the system or the data it is using, leading to various health disturbances. The higher awareness actually uses the physical body and subtle energy system as a metaphorical map to provide feedback about psycho-spiritual issues. Persons such as Caroline Myss, Barbara Brennan, Mona Lisa Schulz, & Louise Hay have written much on this topic.

We know that computers use electricity to process data. We measure hertz in a CPU, with current PCs running at up to around 3 gigahertz - 10 times the speed of a 300 megahertz PC from about 7 years ago. When this electrical energy is limited the ability to process information is diminished - and with our bodies a drain of energy leads to a break down in the information flow needed to sustain cellular activity, producing cancer, infectious activity, and other problems. Thus, the subtle energy network of chakras and meridians is understood to be vitally important. Chakras are like transformers in an electrical system, bringing energy from higher frequencies down to the frequency range suited for use on the physical level. Each chakra is influenced by psychological issues, so any disturbance in this transforming activity is inclined to lead to a disturbance at the physical level associated with an area correlated with that issue. Meridians mapped in Chinese Medicine are like circuits and are also associated with specific psychological issues that are connected to specific organs.

The balance of masculine/feminine energy (yin/yang) and 5 elements is also considered in this system, as these also reflect patterns of consciousness. Anything within this system can be accessed by connecting with the other-than-conscious awareness and establishing communication to identify any existing disturbances in awareness, processing, or data in the system. Input to the system is provided at different levels in different healing modalities. Subtle energy stimulation can be provided as well as herbs, acupuncture, nutrients, flower essences, gem essences, essential oils, homeopathic solutions, psychological processing, massage, chiropractic manipulation, and more. Remember - all that exists is essentially consciousness - so these are just metaphorical representations of consciousness patterns providing stimulus for conciousness to balance itself. One may re-establish a free flow of energy through chakras and meridians by merely having an awareness of these systems and issues that need to be addressed and then focusing healing intent. All the various products in physical reality used for healing are just carriers of information available in the greater Matrix of awareness. Your mind-body system reacts to the information - "solid reality" is an illusion, so the homeopathic medicine and the bottle of essential oil just hold recorded data like the zeros and ones in a binary computer file - if you rearranged the data these items would not have the same effect and would be different to human senses. Our senses just carry out programmed responses to form a perception of the external world for our holographic view of the density level we are experiencing. Much of the programming comes from patterns transmitted by our DNA - but our own consciousness is interacting with these forms of programming and rewriting them over time to reflect our responses to our human experiences.

Neuromodulation Technique uses muscle test dowsing to communicate concerning issues involving self-awareness, faulty data patterns, and information processing faults within the information processing system governing an individual. It uses intent to correct recognized faults, using breathing and tapping along the spine to anchor this corrective information and intention. NMT is dependent upon the practitioner's ability to conceptualize the types of issues that may be contributing to a health concern, in order to effectively communicate about these topics. The information processing system involved is truly vast, involving specific activities in body systems and cells, subtle energy distribution, emotional patterns, personality structure, exogenous (external) energies and intelligences, and more. There is presumed to be a level of the system that is fully aware of all subject matter, and often it is important to work to integrate the awareness of the system itself. In the holographic universe model one unit has access to all the information contributing to the whole, just as the DNA in one cell can access the entire blueprint for creation of the whole organism. This implies that the information is existent at a higher level of reality - an encompassing "field" that has the information for multiple holographic universes or a field that has the information for all life forms, to be brought into the physical realm through the DNA transceivers that are coded to tune in to specific ranges of species information.

Think of fields of consciousness within fields of consciousness generating an illusory separation between observer and observed. The more you recognize that you are consciousness observing and interacting with itself the more you will be empowered to alter the fields of consciousness that you perceive. These fields are generated by distortions and interference patterns within the greater fields from which they arise. The colors of the rainbow arise from interference with the vibration of undifferentiated white light - the colors exist as potentialities within the white light but require the interference to be made manifest and experienced. Similarly, all realities and expressions of identity exist within the God-Self as potentialities but require distortions within Self to be made manifest and experienced. Much seems paradoxical, but Creation can be understood as God generating and experiencing all the potentialities of Self and Existence. As we release our own distortions we foster the expansion of our own field of awareness - and externally manifested signs of these distortions in our consciousness will tend to resolve. When the flow of information is unrestricted the body maintains health, so long as the information itself is not corrupted. Thus, releasing blocks in the system of consciousness that guide flow of energy and information is important. Resolving any faults in data patterns recorded in the system is also important to help facilitate healing.

From the perspective of human experience, memory is linear. We appear to remember experiences from our "past." Sometimes, we get precognitive flashes and are tapping into "future memory" of a potential experience that our consciousness is likely to encounter. All of these experiences are already existent as potentials within Creation. Experiences from both our apparent past and future in the current life and other incarnations may have an influence upon us in the present since Consciousness is non-local and functions independent of time. Our linear, conscious mind experiences life in a linear cause-effect illusion when in actuality Consciousness is processing all of our incarnations simultaneously as it restricts our seemingly separate fields of awareness to maintain the linear experience. We go through a spiral of descension into the realms of limited awareness to gain the "role play" experiences facilitated by the lack of awareness. As we go through these experiences and process them we integrate them into an ascending spiral of awareness that is more fully realized than than the patterns of consciousness that are at points of awareness preceding the progression into the denser realms. And the Source Consciousness, the Central Processing Unit, is aware of the fields of awareness existing at all levels and aspects of the cycle of the movement of consciousness through its created reflections of Self. This is an existential paradox to meditate upon - how the Infinite, Omniscient, Omnipotent Consciousness must generate distortions and fragmentation within Self in order to fully Express and Experience Itself through all the patterns of consciousness that are reflecting all the aspects of Total Consciousness innately existing within Source.

We have the concept of archetypes - which are roles and processes of consciousness as it differentiates itself - and we also conceive of vibration and frequency as waveforms express an infinite range of movement from a point of stillness and balance. Ultimately, it is consciousness itself that generates vibration - and frequencies of sound, color, light, and geometric patterns are observed as the vibrational patterns are reflected through into more crystallized density levels. Consciousness experiences these representations of vibration and interacts with them, as this is what a feedback system is all about. Through this process consciousness learns to become whole and balanced - Wholeness and Balance being the essence of Source, but source requires the experience and awareness of the process of becoming whole and balanced through exploration of polarities and differentiation, rather than only knowing Self as Whole/Unified and undifferentitated.

In healing work it is possible to access levels of awareness that can restore our health toward balance and wholeness - If you've ever experienced health then this is an example of how the consciousness generating your body has been able to function in a non-distorted manner. We can make the system aware of how distortions and faults have arisen, using the higher awareness of healthy processing to correct these faults and restore health. Ultimately, all healing must be facilitated or accepted from within. You can apply a treatment that addresses a concern at one vibrational level - but the problem may return if it is reflecting a distortion at a deeper level. Thus, by working to heal and integrate consciousness itself, at as wide a range of levels of processing as possible, we have a great chance of facilitating healing. If we merely focus on using a specific type of information or vibration to stimulate healing then we are limiting our ability to address the variety of factors contributing to observed phenomena. We know that foods, drugs, herbs, and other types of information input can trigger widely divergent responses in different people receiving them. Also, as the sytem of consciousness shifts or changes then the responses within the individual may also change. This is why there is an element of unpredictability in all health therapies.

In the holistic systems model, health disturbances have meaning. They are a type of feedback that shows how one's consciousness and psychological development is out of balance. Natural therapies tend to provide some type of vibrational information input to foster a more balanced state in the system - often via something that compensates for an imbalance at a psycho-spiritual level. Energy Psychology methods focus more on resetting or reprogramming the feedback system itself through verbal statements, intention, and energetic stimulation - neutralizing negative feedback loops. Hypnosis can be used to locate "memory" that has been experienced in a polarized way that is creating a distortion in the system - releasing the polarization by releasing the energy generated by the experience and observing the memory from a higher awareness and non-charged emotional state. Whichever approach is used, the system is always dependent upon the concept of balance and wholeness of consciousness. It's really a matter of at how deep a level of reality do we attempt to restore balance. Pharmaceuticals can create a very temporary appearance of balance in a biochemical level of a system - but typically do so in a manner that aggravates or represses imbalances at deeper levels of the larger whole - even exacerbating imbalances at more encompassing levels of the biochemical layer itself.

Pharmaceutical treatments almost always function to repress the feedback system in some way - which is usually not necessary when circumstances are viewed from a broader context. Examples:
Anti-biotics/anti-virals are designed to kill microbes which are proliferating due to immune weakness - the lowered immunity is a type of feedback that is ignored by focusing on killing microbes. Allopathic methods can further impair body functions such as the body's awareness and power in maintaining immune function. The body has virtually unlimited potential to cope with pathogenic organisms, even the various stealth and bio-engineered organisms that have become prevalent in recent years. The more allopathic treatments are used then the less effective the body becomes at managing its own defenses. This becomes a self-perpetuating cycle where the drugs debilitate the body fostering the apparent need for more drugs as the integrity and power of the mind-body system is ignored and suppressed.

Psychotropic drugs are designed to manipulate neurotransmitter activity. Neurotransmitter activity is reflective of emotional and psychological states, so both prescribed and recreational drugs override the feedback to manipulate chemicals to make a person temporarily not feel what the feedback system was presenting. Natural therapies can foster a more balanced state in the system, such as natural stress relief methods, or giving more nutrients to handle extra stress when the feedback system depletes nutrients in the body (nutrient depletion can make the mind-body feedback overwhelming since the "molecules of emotion," the neuropeptides/neurotransmitters have to be synthesized using these nutrients). However, for deeper healing a look at psychological/spiritual issues is vital.

High cholesterol levels are the body's attempt to protect itself from deposits that are clogging blood vessels - generated by stress hormones and compounds in processed foods such as refined sugar and hydrogenated fats. Drugs given to lower cholesterol ignore the factors threatening cardiovascular function (stress, psychological issues, diet, etc.) and promote heart failure by depleting a vital enzyme needed for muscle activity throughout the body.

Cancer drugs, radiation, and surgeries attempt to attack cancer cell areas. However, cancer cells are from an internally generated process that involves lack of energetic coherence in the body due largely to repressed emotions. Additionally, they proliferate when the body's immune system is weakened and fails to recognize the cells that are engaged in the metabolic cycle present with cancer cells. Various microbes and environmental toxins contribute to these circumstances, but the feedback of cancer is allowed when the psycho-energetic distortions are present, as the physical cancer hazards will generally be dealt with adequately when the deeper levels of the system are in coherence. Symbolically, the immune system fails to recognize and eliminate the cancer cells because the person's own consciousness is unaware of (or in denial about) patterns within itself holding fear and anger. When the awareness is integrated then the immune system can begin to deal with cancer cells - and as the emotions are released and the consciousness brought into a more balanced, harmonized state, then cancer cells will either die on their own or revert to becoming normal cells in coherence with body tissues. Cells can shapeshift as the field informing and energizing them shifts in reflection of the patterns of consciousness generating those fields. Shamans have recognized throughout human history that shifting consciousness can generate perceived reality shifts - shapeshifting - and modern occult researchers have come to believe that a particular pattern of consciousness is involved in shapeshifting connected with certain genetic codes that are prevalent among an "elite" ancestral subculture on Earth.

We all have the option to choose whatever health care intervention we desire based upon our awareness, motivations, and access to information. Information is heavily censored and filtered in the dominant medical system to promote agendas that often conflict with one's health, autonomy, finances, and spiritual/psychological growth. The technology of medicines is neither inherently negative or positive. It is worthwhile to understand medication effects and what this information suggests about body systems. Medicines interact with the mind-body system and the effects can't be fully predicted. The mind-body system, when in balance, does not include synthetic drugs. Thus, these drugs cannot create a genuine balance, but may sometimes override symptoms of imbalance or discomfort - and if temporarily avoiding discomfort is the only goal then many medications are likely to produce some relief. Sometimes when body organs or tissues are lost or impaired greatly then the body can only survive with an artificial chemical that is supplied - medications seem quite valuable in these instances. However, there are often safer forms of symptom relief and holistic healing approaches that truly resolve issues underlying observed symptoms and illnesses. Merely suppressing symptoms may further entrench underlying problems and can even foster new disturbances. It's also much more pleasant and empowering to live without medications than to depend upon medicines to stay alive or function in life.

Author's Bio: 

Jed Shlackman, L.M.H.C. provides a variety of individual, family, and group counseling services.


B.A., major in psychology, double minor in history and political science from the University of Miami
M.S. Ed. degree in counseling from the University of Miami.
National Merit Scholarship and membership in Phi Beta Kappa.
Member of P.A.T.H., Positive Alternative Therapies In Healthcare.
Jed has been a practicing counselor in the Miami area since 1997, having completed training at the University of Miami in 1996.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor. (FL Lic.# MH5806)

Certified Hypnotherapist.

Certified by Leslie Feinberg, D.C. in Neuromodulation Technique (also visit www.nmt.md), a powerful, groundbreaking new paradigm in energy medicine.

Trained practitioner of NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

Certified Psych-K® practitioner.

Certified ThetaHealing practitioner

Regression Therapies.

Independent Usui Reiki Master practitioner/instructor.

Sound Healing; brainwave entrainment audio, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, vocal toning, and more.

The Monroe Institute Gateway course through Wave VII, an exploration of expanded states of consciousness.

Participant in lectures and workshops with a variety of leading holistic healing professionals and transpersonal healing practitioners, including Debbie Ford, Linda Adler, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Donna Eden, Steven Halpern, and others.

Independent research in natural health and healing modalities, including nutrition, naturopathy, oriental medicine, vibrational medicine, herbal medicine, and mind-body healing approaches.

Maintainer of Internet resource directory for books and WWW information addressing holistic health and educational resources.
Experience providing individual therapy, group therapy, and assessments for adolescents and children for the mental health agency PsychSolutions, Inc., in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Experience providing group therapy for adults in a PHP program at American Therapeutic Corporation, in Miami, Florida.

Writer with articles published in Natural Awakenings Magazine and in Internet news forums including Online Journal

Lecturer & Workshop Facilitator; speaker at local Theosophical group, S.O.U.L. Church, Miami-Dade College Health Care Forum, New Life Expo, & more.

Presently working on a book project tentatively titled Consciousness, Creation, and Existence: A Guide to the Grand Adventure, to be published in 2008

Jed provides counseling and healing services with a holistic orientation, incorporating cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, family systems, and psychodynamic approaches as well as transpersonal psychological therapies, expressive therapies, mind-body healing modalities, and vibrational/energetic healing approaches that are on the cutting edge of modern healing sciences. Jed is also knowledgeable about herbs, essential oils, diet, and nutritional interventions for mental health and related issues. Jed is a multi-talented, compassionate counselor, with extensive knowledge and varied experience that allow him to provide skilled, comprehensive healing services and collaboration with clients.