Want to be a more conscious creator, manifest more of your heart’s desires, and evoke more of your essential nature—all at the same time? Then you might consider writing a vision! It’s easy, fun, and an effective means of transforming your life and fulfilling more of your innate potential. And you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment or years of training to write a vision—all you really need is a pen or pencil and some paper,....and the courage and desire to create the type of life you were meant to live!

Need more reasons for writing a vision? Okay. It’s a great way to give the mental and emotional aspects of your personality a sense of direction and purpose, and allows them the opportunity to be powerful agents of change. It keeps them focused on things that are positive and constructive—that means less likelihood of getting caught up in fear and "mis-creation." It also brings them into closer alignment with what is truly important to you, so that your thoughts and feelings begin to naturally support the fulfillment of your higher purpose and deepest desires.

And writing a vision helps clarify and give substance to your dreams and ideals, and makes them feel more real, more concrete. It keeps you focused on your true nature, expands your sense of Self, and naturally evokes more of your divinity. Such a deal! And a vision gives you hands-on experience in consciously engaging the Laws of Creation, and provides you with a template for creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. It also accelerates the manifestation process, and enables your heart’s desires to take on form more easily, quickly and gracefully. A vision makes a clear statement to the Universe about what you do want. So the Universe, in turn, automatically starts to rearrange Itself to "give" you what you’ve been focusing on with your vision—namely, your heart’s desires. Many people spend most of their time actually focusing on what they don’t want, so guess what the Universe ends up reflecting back to them!

You might compare writing a vision to consciously forming a production company with God/Source/All-That-Is, where the objective of your partnership with the Divine is to create a "movie" of you living your version of heaven on Earth. Your vision essentially will be the screenplay for that movie, and since you will be starring in the production, you need to be sure you come up with a really top-notch script! You’ll also find you’re the one in the partnership in charge of the "movie’s" direction, wardrobe, scenery—even it’s promotion. This may seem like a lot to be responsible for, but it’s really nothing new. You’ve actually been handling all these jobs your whole life, just probably not in a very enlightened manner. So you might as well write a vision and start creating your "movie" and life story in a more conscious and deliberate way!

And one of the great things about writing a vision is that it not only helps you in manifesting more of what is truly important to you, it also ends up enriching the planet as a whole. When you are focused on creating your heart’s desires you serve as an inspiration to others, and cut an energetic pathway that makes it easier for those following behind you to do the same. So the time and effort you put in to composing your vision and version of heaven on Earth has an exponential effect on planetary evolution and ends up blessing us all.

So any time is a great time for writing a vision, but during the New Year’s season or around your birthday (the beginning of your personal new year) are especially ideal. But if neither of those times are near, don’t let that keep you from engaging the vision process. Now is always the perfect time for putting pen to paper and coming up with a real blockbuster of a "movie" and life story for yourself!

"The aware person can determine the course of his own life plan and rewrite his drama in accordance with his own uniqueness."—Born To Win

"The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen."—Lee Iacocca

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future."—Victor Hugo

For a workbook that’s designed to function as a "do-it-yourself" workshop on conscious creation and Self-realization, please visit www.allonetogether.com. The book, titled Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live, is now available in e-book/pdf format, and contains information, exercises, inspirational quotes, resources, and a vision format—all to support you in manifesting more of your true nature and heart’s desires.

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