Many of us have realized by now that money does not make us happy. So how do we bring more happiness into our life? Well, the answer is simple. Not easy, but it is simple. Wise people know true happiness cannot be found in the material world. Happiness is a state of being that comes from within. We achieve joy and inner peace by connecting to the truth of who we are. It is about taking responsibility for our life journey, instead of plugging into people, places and things – hoping either one will fill our lives with the happiness we have been seeking.

Happiness can only be experienced through the emotional body. If our emotions are repressed then so is our capability of feeling true happiness. To fully experience happiness a person must develop and integrate their emotions.

Happiness also comes from having a sense of purpose in one’s life. As you deepen your connection to our spiritual self, the truth of who you are, you deepen into the realms of happiness and pleasure.

When you connect to your spiritual or divine self, you activate your soul’s purpose, and now you have given yourself an amazing gift. Your divine self radiates in pure happiness and joy and all you need to do is tap into it and connect. When you do, you now have access to all knowledge and the solutions to life’s problems become clear.

We live in a world of polarity and as much as we want happiness we need to have the courage to move through pain or suffering and acknowledge its gifts as it teaches us to be more understanding. When we learn to change our viewpoint, our perceptions on life, we then give ourselves permission to see how everything can benefit our lives. We can look at every crisis that comes up and ask, “What is life teaching me?”

Happiness is expressed when we love ourselves and recognize the divine spirit that flows through each and every one of us. It is only when we let go of the expectations we have placed on others or situations the energy can be released. We reduce stress when we reduce our expectations.

Being grateful for situations we perceive have gone wrong allow us to recognize the gift in every moment. For example, people who irritate you are only teaching you to become more loving, more sensitive. If a family has difficulty bonding, life will bring the energy of a crisis in order to bring harmony. If you view everything, as just experience without any judgment you can then take a deep breath and say to yourself, Look what I went through and survived. I am growing stronger every day. I can take whatever life gives me.

The more we move into happiness, the more we connect to our passion. Our passion is the creative intelligence that wants to express itself out in the world. Maybe it is writing or painting or teaching others what we have learned. By doing what makes us feel good we bring more passion into our lives.

Your soul loves to assist others. Self-esteem grows the more you help others. When we give to others unconditionally, it means we give without wanting anything in return. Trust you are always looked after and watch how happy you will be when you uplift others.

By becoming aware of your thought, words and actions you become aware of how your expression affects your reality. Acknowledge the happiness that resides within. Remember, no one can make you happy. Discipline yourself to focus on the good things in your life and to see the lessons in the perceived bad things. By seeing the lessons and learning from them, you allow yourself to move towards a greater, happier future. Self-awareness and having integrity with one’s self leads us out of our fear based world and into a higher expression of being.

Author's Bio: 

Karen Klassen is founder of Imagine Seminars & Consulting Inc. She is an International Life & Relationship Coach, Certified Corporate Trainer and Inspirational Speaker whose purpose is to assist those who choose higher standards of living and being. She shares how she used the Power of her MIND to transform her dis-eased life of chronic back pain, depression, IBS, allergies, addictions to drugs & alcohol and cancer cells in her ovaries into an optimal state of being. She has gained first hand experience on how the ancient wisdom that lives deep within each and everyone of us can completely transform one's life. Karen has the ability to connect intellectually, emotionally and spiritually with everyone she meets.