Who doesn't want to be at their best for this festive season? You need some tools to support you to bring out your best. Utilize the success tool "visualisation". You can literally reincarnate yourself and your life as many people have throughout history. Find out how to do it by following a few easy steps and start feeling happiness flow back into your life today as you start to "vizualize" your wishes into reality and you will be rejoicing in a happy spirit this festive season.

Visualization is a masterful gift we have been given that is a secret tool to manifest our wishes and desires while creating a feeling of happines in the process. Our ‘subconscious’ mind thinks in pictures and feeling patterns. In order for us to change we need to not only see or think about what it is we want to experience but to move into the feeling of having it already fulfilled. This is how we co-create the life experience we desire.

Results do happen with visualization when we do it morning and night every day for at least 90 days consecutively. This creates new neurons in the brains and new pathways over old thought patterns that may not have been delivering the outcomes and desires and may in fact have been holding us back. With visualization we are literally creating a new you. So how do we visualize?

1. Firstly we need to turn off all distractions for about 5-10 minutes.

2. Sit comfortably, hands resting on your thighs with hands facing upwards.

3. Now take a deep breath in through your nose filling up your chest and your stomach then hold for 4 seconds then slowly exhale out through your mouth for 8 seconds. Do this three to ten times. As you are breathing out say in your mind “letting go, letting go, letting go” then allow your muscles and shoulders to relax like a floppy doll.

4. Now choose one of your wishes and see your vision of it as if it is fulfilled. Indulge in the feelings of success as you see and experience your life with this wish fulfilled. See yourself staring in a new movie, a new life with your desires fulfilled. Enjoy, smile and rejoice in the feelings as you see, smell, touch and taste those wishes and desires fulfilled and of course have lots of fun too. You are mentally lifting yourself to a higher level.

Do this routine daily and watch as if by magic (but it is not) how you start to attract and change your outer world. This is because you have changed your inner world. The more you visualize your results and wishes fulfilled the more your attitude, your inner glow will also become more radiant and attractive as you have the added benefit of leaving a great attitude where ever you go too.

Your wishes will be achieved at the right time and at the right place as a new road unfolds before you with your daily morning and evening practice of visualizing. Yes you need to put in some effort and put it into your diary and never miss doing it for at least 90 days. You have everything to gain and it’s lots of fun in the process. If you are not a visual person just get into the feeling. A good way to do this is to draw images or symbols of your wishes and desires. Draw images of you with your desires or wishes as if they are fulfilled and do it morning and night for at least 90 days.

If you are serious about reincarnating your life and living the life you really want then get going by visualizing and do it daily. This works and many great people are testament to this even to this current day including champions such as Tiger Woods (he visualizes a hole in one before he hits the green), our modern day Santa Claus teaches this technique and many more in his “Creeds and Blessings” for transformation as do so many other great people today. The success secret is out. It is revealed and it’s now yours for you to discover all that you can be!

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