This whole economic downturn is really nothing more than a natural market adjustment, just on an international/global scale, the problem that I foresee is that through the panic reactions of many business enterprises we are going to create the very thing that we fear most, A Global Recession. The other problem is that instead of looking in and evaluation the level and value of our service (see "Are you providing an essential service") too many of us are looking out and blaming the environment, the economy, the government, in fact anything we can think of, for this state of affairs.

But as the saying goes "In times of Chaos lie the greatest opportunities" there will always be a need for essential services so you should re-evaluate your offering to the market. Don't expect the market to adjust to your offering. You have to adjust your offering to the market.

There is another saying however that is of greater relevance at this time, in fact all the time, and it is this. "Circumstances do not so much create character as they reveal character" Your character, your real character, is revealed by the way you handle the stressful moments not by the way you behave when all is going well.

I am sure that you have heard the saying that "First impressions count" but I wonder if you are aware that "Last impressions last" The way that you behave when people meet you certainly makes an impression and forms their opinion of you but the way that you behave when they leave you makes a greater impression and cements their opinion of you.

I am sure that you have had the experience of meeting someone and thinking that they are really nice and then one day something happens and they behave in a way that totally changes your opinion of them and that one incident overrides all your other experiences.

Well that's where character comes in. and that's where you have the greatest power. Of all the life forms on this planet, humans are the only ones who can define, design, create and control their characters. You can become who you want to be.

So realise this. Who you are makes a difference. What you do makes a difference. Your title, your position, creates an impression. And you have many titles, parent, employee, manager, friend, spouse, lover etc. etc. Each of these titles is used to create your identity and has attached to it an expected behaviour. But HOW you are who you are and HOW you do what you do, makes a reputation and reveals your character.

Choose from today to evaluate all the different roles that you play, identify the expected behaviour of each role and accept responsibility for it. Choose HOW you are going to be who you are and HOW you are going to do what you do. Create the character that you wish to have and control your behaviour by constantly questioning "is what I am doing and the way that I am doing it consistent with the character I wish to develop?" "Will this behaviour create an impression and reputation that I will be comfortable with?"

Just remember a weak character allows circumstances to determine behaviour while a strong character determines behaviour no matter what the circumstances.

Character counts make sure that you can count on your character to create the reputation that you want.

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To live your best life be true to the YOU, you want to be.

Live up to the reputation that you want to have.


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