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What is success?

That’s such a big word.

Success has a different meaning to each individual.But I’ll tell you what success is by my definition.

Some people say, rich people are successful. Notnecessarily. Money will only amplify your happiness. Ilike to think success is about being happy. Happinessis success.

What money does is make your happiness become bigger or smaller. If you have a problem, it makes it bigger.Example, if you have no money to pay your rental, you have a problem. But if you have no money for your house rental and can’t afford to pay your other bills as well, your problems have just magnified.

Similarly, if you are happy driving a car and you havemore money to upgrade to a better one, you’ll behappier right?

You see, money doesn’t create happiness. It only makes your happiness bigger or smaller.

I’ve seen many rich people who are NOT ‘successful’.

Here’s how I’ll define success.

Success is about having the time of your life. Doingwhat you want, wherever you want, anywhere you wantand with whoever you want.

Time is the most important asset to a human. Notmoney. Why do we live? One thing for sure, is not tomake money. We make money because we have to.

We live to enjoy our life. With time, we can do that. If you don’t live your life to enjoy it, you may be on thewrong planet. :)

With time, I can be with my grandma. (I wrote anarticle about grandma if you want to read it athttp://www.esuccessmastery.com/grandma.html )

Other than time, I have another way to describesuccess.

Success = Love.

Success is about how you are able to give and receiveunconditional love.

I’m not trying to sound like a goody goody talking allabout love. But that’s a fact how both of them arerelated to one another.

Success is love.

Let us dig deeper. Why do you think some people liketo drive BMW cars?

Comfort? Ok.

Prestige? Ok.

To be admired? Ok.

But unconsciously, he wants to feel good around otherpeople. For what? So that people will start to ‘love’him at the end of the day.

Most of the things people do in life are just to getlove whether they realize it or not.

What’s success I hear you ask me?

To give love to someone I love and receiveunconditional love. I know you might find money veryimportant. But one day when you come to a stage inlife, you’ll see that what you’ve been working so hardfor, may not be for money at all. Big house. Big cars.That’s not success. That’s success in the eyes ofothers. Success should be an accomplishment fromwithin you. You feel success. Success MUST be part ofyou.

When you achieve it, you’ll reach another stage oflife where you’ll see total abundance everywhere.

If success is so important, why does it seem so hardto achieve for some people?

These are the 3 main factors that STOP people frombeing successful.

1. Not prepared to invest their time.

Success is not easy. Just ask anybody who has beensuccessful. You’ll have to invest countless hours oftime to build success. Can you sacrifice your tv bynot watching it? Or stop drinking with friends?

Are you able to sit through reading books to help youto be successful?

Can you spend time to work very hard in order toachieve success?

2. Too difficult to part with money.

Are you willing to part with money to learn success?

Robert Kiyosaki once says this in his book, ‘The mostexpensive advice is free advice.’ Many people seem tofind it very hard to part with their money to investin success.

What do I mean by investing in ‘success’?

Let’s get real. Useful and powerful tips and resourceson how to be successful don’t come free. Let’s getreally sincere and touch base on reality. If someonespent years and thousands of money to learn aboutsuccess, is he willing to share it with you for free?Maybe, if you are a really close friend of his. Mostlikely, he won’t share it with you and I don’t blamehim. Why?

Because if everyone expects him to do that, do youthink he’ll have time to enjoy his success? Andsecondly, he worked hard to be successful because hewanted to be successful. If you want, you shouldinvest your own time. If you want a short cut, PAY himfor his time to teach you to be successful. He hasspent money to gain this knowledge of success.

You need to invest money in self-improvement stufflike books and audios. Or attend seminars. If you havea bigger budget, you can even hire a coach orconsultant. If you invest in the correct tools andstrategies to be successful, most likely you’llachieve it quicker.

If you expect to learn without spending any money, youcan. But it will take you a longer period of time.But, can you wait?

3. Putting your ego down.

Some people have really big heads. Big ego. They knoweverything. These type of people think that theyalready know everything and are not willing to hearother people’s views and opinions.

Once you destroy your ego, you’ll have more room forself improvement.

Why bother to have an ego and try to learn success allby yourself when you can learn from others that havealready been there, done that.

The correct mindset

You know you need to have the correct mindset to besuccessful. I’m not going to elaborate further on thisbecause most of the self improvement books you haveread already mention how to have a positive mindsetand so on to improve.

But I have to stress on an important mindset that youMUST have to be successful. Some self-improvementbooks missed this one. It’s the abundance mindset.Once you are able to see everything in abundance,you’ll be able to see life from a differentperspective. Abundance helps you to destroy negativethoughts like greed and selfishness.

Whether you are going to achieve your dream to besuccessful or not, it’s your choice. Ask yourself areyou willing to trade your time, effort and money to besuccessful?

It’s not easy to convince you to be successful. It’seasy to give you empty promises. But not today. Todayis the day you make up your mind to STEP UP and besuccessful.

Like I say, it’s not easy. But I sure am glad I have‘paid’ the price of success and I’m enjoying it now.You can join me; all it takes is a decision andactions to follow it.

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