Spiritual freedom is the energy of the heart. No matter where you live, the circumstances of your life or if you practice a religion or not, you have the freedom to tap into the energy of your heart. The energy of the heart is the Spirit that gives you life. Each one of us, all humans on this planet, can tap into the energy of their heart. As each individual taps into their heart’s energy and allows this energy to guide their thoughts, words, and deeds, together we will evolve into One Heart and One Spirit. Learning and experiencing heart energy is vital to the evolution of our human race and the healing of the planet. Celebrating spiritual freedom is the first step.

The beliefs of a religion can appeal to our intellect and the spirit of the religion can appeal to our heart. Religion is what gives shape and form to a particular belief system. Religion provides Holy Books, teachings, rituals, and guidelines for followers to use. Following a religion can give a sense of security by having a system of beliefs while providing connection to a community. For some, it is a necessity to belong to a religion - having beliefs gives structure to their lives. And, there is a Spirit at the heart of every religion that frequently is forgotten and lost in the practice of the religion. You can be a member of a religious community and tap into the true Spirit of that religion, thus celebrating Spiritual freedom.

Some find it challenging to feel the spiritual essence of their religion so they abandon their religion in order to experience their heart energy. Those who say they are “Spiritual, not religious” typically are saying they believe in the Spirit of life without adhering to the structure of a religious belief. Spirituality has become a “buzz” word to mean that you’re not religious. With the concept One Heart and One Spirit, it makes no difference whether you follow a specific religion. Remember, Oneness is one, without division. With or without a religion, you can tap into the energy of your heart. Bringing the head and the heart together in Oneness is dynamic. Once this is achieved, you can join the collective movement of conscious living.

Heart energy is the same for everyone. Heart energy is loving, kind and compassionate. Every one of us has a desire to love and to be loved. When your heart energy leads you, you are less judgmental about life’s circumstances and others’ actions. Heart energy gives you inner wisdom to guide your actions. When you have a sense of security from within, you see more similarities than differences, and connections with others are made heart to heart.

Celebrating Spiritual Freedom is important for every one of us. Once we master this ability, where we place our focus expands. If each person who reads this article will take a moment to celebrate spiritual freedom by tapping into his or her heart energy, the global consciousness of One Heart, One Spirit will expand. And that is a freedom to celebrate!

Celebrating Spiritual Freedom Exercise

Sit comfortable. Allow your breath to find it’s own pace. As your breath slows, your thoughts will slow. Place your awareness at the center of your chest, closest to your heart energy. With each exhale, feel the release of tension and the awareness of your heart energy grow stronger. In each inhale feel the energy of your heart moving. Perhaps you actually see it as a swirling circle or spiral of energy. Where you place your attention expands. See the expansion of your heart energy growing larger than your heart space and extending out into your life. As you sit in this energy, bring to your mind the sense of spiritual freedom. Sit it the celebration of this feeling for a few moments. If there is a situation in your life that is restricted or confined, bless it with the energy of your heart. You are free to feel and apply this energy to whatever may be going on in your life. Take a few moments to sit in the presence of your heart energy. Celebrate the freedom it offers you.

Take time daily to practice this spiritual freedom exercise. It takes but a few minutes- and makes such a positive shift in how you view your day.

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Author's Bio: 

Sharon Marquart is the founder and Director of Living at YES!  She is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and teacher of metaphysics. 
Sharon has been teaching for more than 12 years. As a dynamic teacher, motivational speaker, life coach and successful author Sharon inspires hundreds of men and women to live their best lives and achieve their objectives. Sharon has been able to accomplish this by applying the methods and philosophies of metaphysics to the practicality of everyday life. Her presentations have been described as inspiring, encouraging, lively, powerful and customized for each specific group or organization.