Last month we looked at four things that we could add to communication to have it be more effective in producing the results we seek:
1. Clarity in the message
2. Being conscious of the other person’s situation(s)
3. Listening for what will make a difference in moving the conversation forward
4. Using the Rule of Three

This month we add a couple of powerful strategic tools that will enhance your ability to communicate effectively.

It’s All About Them
To powerfully communicate your ideas or intention, you must be comfortable enough with your topic to be able to set it aside and listen for what will make a difference for the other person. In listening to what the other person has to say, you can hear what will have them inspired into action. Your goal in every conversation could be to have the people you talk to left inspired into action! Remember, it is only action that produces results.

( Quick sidebar: – how many times have you said that you didn’t produce any results? Consider, that as a human being, you are constantly producing results! Your actions, or non-actions, always produce some kind of result. The game is to start looking at the results you do produce, and begin choosing to take, or not take, the actions that caused those results. Then you can actually begin to create the results you want!)

Call To Action
You have the opportunity in every communication to leave the other person (or people) empowered to action. Every conversation is an opportunity for people to see something for themselves, and to see the next right action to take to create that. Identifying that next right action can be the greatest gift you can give to another person. How hard is it to ask someone, “So what could you do to have that?”

Structures for Success
This is the fun part that so many people resist – the accountability portion of successful communication. It’s the follow up piece - you want to leave the conversation with a specific structure in place for the other person to report the results they produce. The structure of accountability is vital to the success of any project – knowing who is going to do what, when. When the report comes in, you then have the opportunity to look at what worked, what didn’t work, and what the next right action could be to produced the desired result. It’s the actions, results, and the flow of the communication that produce success in any endeavor.

And that’s the topic for next month’s article! Producing the Desired Results. Can’t wait until next month? Visit Empowered Enterprises’ website!

Author's Bio: 

R. Means Davis, V, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is founder and CEO of Empowered Enterprises International, a global career coaching and organizational strategic development company. A graduate of the top rated business school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his career has grown from risk management and insurance, human resource management including recruiting, placement, and consulting, to the founding of Empowered Enterprises International in 1993.

His expertise includes the design and development of individual career paths, organizational strategic planning, and the design and delivery of customized training & developmental seminars. He inspires and motivates people to produce unprecedented results. His life mission is represented in the company purpose: Reach Your Goals; Realize Your Dreams!

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