Success, happiness and prosperity requires investment in yourself first. So to support your goals the first thing you need is a great attitude. Why? Because attitude determines outcome! Challenges will come and how you handle them and work through them is determined by your attitude. Attitude is a major key to success in life and business!

Here is a simple tool but powerful tool to change your attitude in seconds called “trigger phrases”. Basically used 30 times daily they reinforce and sculpt a positive new habit formation. That is the attainment of automatic positive thoughts which will give you a positive uplifting attitude and energy to make your daily to do tasks and goals so much more enjoyable, achievable and successful!

Your subconscious is where 90% of your conscious thoughts come from which are based in fear and negative auto pilot thoughts for most people. This is because they come from cave man days where we lived in a state of flight or fight, kill or be killed and everyone is out to get me. The good news is that we can change the hardware of our brains. We do this through repetition of positive thoughts which will build new neural pathways in the brain and replace the old unsupportive defaults you’ve been running on. This conscious positive thought repetition is how we build transformational muscles that will support us and uplift us. Science tells us it takes 90 days of consistent repetition to create a new habit and set a new pathway in the brain in place.

Repeat the following phrases throughout the day preferably around 30 times because the more you repeat them the greater the effect. No different than going to the gym and working on a muscle. You cannot do it once or twice a week because you’ll have no or very little result. There is a formula to follow for success and you can do it! So here are your trigger phrases to write out:

"I can do it."
"I find solutions to any obstacle."
"Every day my actions bring me closer and closer to reaching my goals."
"I am getting stronger and stronger every day."
"I trust that higher forces are at play and I can achieve it."
"Every day, my mental attitude is becoming more positive."
“I choose healthy snacks that energize and nourish my mind and body.”
”I am always in the zone at peak performance levels.”
”I have an abundance of time and attain each task with ease.”

Here are some tips to help you to reinforce your trigger phrases:

1. Write them on the back of your business cards you keep in your wallet and pull them out and say them often throughout the day. Or place the cards on your computer, on your mirror in your bathroom or on your car visor or on your steering wheel so when you are at red lights look down for a second or two and then start repeating a phrase. Or even better record yourself saying these phrases and add a little Mozart in the background to help it go deep into your subconscious and burn it to a CD to play while driving in your car.

2. Whenever you catch yourself with a negative reaction, thought or word immediately say ‘STOP’ and change it to a positive supportive phrase or thought.

3. Fake it till you make it. Say these phrases with emotion and eventually with constant consistent repetition you will believe, as if by magic, what you are saying with all your heart.

So start building your transformational muscle. Remember your attitude will be either supporting you or sabotaging you. So better to start making super changes that will support a better you and make your goals enjoyable, achievable and successful!

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Author, Speaker and inspirational podcast host 'Conversations with Mrs Claus' heard in more than 90 countries on the channel. Mrs Claus interviews best selling authors, movie producers, coaches, celebrities and some of the most inspirational speakers of our time sharing insights, tips and tools to live a happier and more joyous life! Mrs Claus is a laughter yoga teacher, Aussie laughing sports teacher/trainer and an advocate for conscious transformation through universal laws and oneness and love. She has authored and co-authored many books including 'The HoHoHo Factor' fun Christmas trivia, insights, whacky and joyous celebrations around the world, symbols meanings and much more including modern-day Santa's blessings and creeds for transformation! Mrs Claus is based in Melbourne, Australia but considers herself a citizen of the world! Visit her online at HoHoHoChristmas and TheFamilyYak.