Every day I encounter people who wonder why they are not getting more business. They tell me that they are doing everything to make it better. They tell me how many affirmations they are doing or they say they don’t have enough time. Some even say that everything is ok.

Many of these people are the ones who have physical maladies such as back pain, knee pain, stomach issues, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, cancer cells growing somewhere in their body, extreme fatigue and many other physical challenges. There’s a reason that they body send these signals. That reason is that the owner of the body is not paying attention. They are ignoring a significant piece in their puzzle that is being made obvious.

If they are ignoring a significant part of their anatomy that they live with each day then chances are they are ignoring a significant part of their business situation.

The health of a body who is the owner of a business IS the health of the business. A business can be good but what if the body and energy of the owner were just that much more healthy, don’t you think that the business would be that much healthier and vibrant and profitable?

I have worked with thousands on the specific energetic aspects of the business to improve cash flow, increase customers, increase employee retention, improve profitability, gain investors and each situation has a similar issue. That issue is the health of the mind and thought and body of the owner, founder, manager is the health of the company or department.

So how to take your brilliance and talent and get out of the stuck position.

Through the use of someone who is knowledgeable in the aspects of business, finance, and the energetic principles of universal law an individual or company will gain a fuller picture of what the issue is and that same person can also help solve the issue. Many people use coaches or therapists to help them and while that is good there is another aspect of the inner mechanics of anything and that is, energy. Energy is the foundation of everything we are and are not and through the clarity of understanding energy and proper use of energetic principles and law abundance will happen more effortlessly. Energetic Solutions are specific to the dynamic of the individual or the business and there are tools and techniques used to clear that stuck energy. Sometimes workshops are held to share a great number of those tools.

While all that sounds wonderful and easy there are many levels of energetic understanding. There’s the understanding that we need energy all the way to atomic particles of energy. But energy is much more than all of this and it is the seen and the unseen. Energy is under-utilized in our daily functions and were it to be studied as if our lives depend on it (actually they do depend on it) then we would find ourselves much more aligned with the positive ebb and flow of life. A life would be filled with more ease and grace and less “stuckness”.

One incredibly simple, yet laughed at and pooh poohed, technique is the use of breath. Most everyone will say one of these “Oh I already breath, or Oh I already know I don’t breath, or Oh I already know abdominal breathing”. But breath is the one thing that we have the easiest and truest control and management over in our bodies. It is the most free thing you can change about your life. It is the most immediate change you can make in your day or your moment.

If we apply the concept of breathing to our daily lives in a different manner then the results are better. How? Actually spend a week with the specific intention of using breath to fill your lungs from top of the shoulders, to middle of the body, to below the belly button in and then out you will find space. What is necessary in any stuck situation is space. Without space you are actually creating clutter and confusion.

Author's Bio: 

Sheevaun Moran is founder of Energetic Solutions and the “I Am Success NOW – Paramitas the System” programs. She has helped thousands gain health and wealth. She is a compelling speaker, author, trainer, coach and serial entrepreneur. Her mastery of universal energetic principles are world-renown. Contact her at EnergeticSolutions.net or SheevaunMoran.com.