Breathe in…

There are two signs of spring in New England for me, one is spotting the first crocus and the other is being able to open up all the windows in my home. Feeling the warm breeze on my face and having my home flooded with the fresh, clean, scrumptious air gives me a sense of spaciousness. I can breathe again after being closed up all winter. Even my house seems to say, “Thank you!” There is something grand and expansive about bringing the outside into our homes. We can feel it deep within us, as we breathe in a renewed sense of freedom and lightness.

Lighten up…

Spring wakes us up and brings with it an invigorated energy. We are ready to clean up and organize! We enthusiastically begin to plan each project envisioning beautiful, clear, organized spaces once again. For some, however, this can become the “New Year’s Resolution” of organizing. The project is started with good intentions, but the energy quickly fades out because discouragement sets in. Poof! There goes the beautiful vision born from all that invigorated energy.

Tasks are usually approached in one of two ways. They are avoided altogether or they are attacked in a whirlwind. Afterward, instead of feeling rejuvenated, light and accomplished we feel exhausted. The memory of that exhaustion lingers as the next project is considered. What would make us want to approach any task having had an exhausting experience with the one before? It is time for a different approach. It is time to lighten the load and lighten up by pacing ourselves through a project.

Let go…

Clutter and disorganization cost us hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year in late fees, lost checks, replacing lost items, storage facilities and time. We can not afford to be disorganized today. We need to take action in a way that is realistic, effective and productive.

We need to let go of old attitudes and habits and approach organizing from a different angle—a new perspective. Organizing does not have to be a chore! In fact, organizing is a gift we give to ourselves. It is a gift of time, energy, spaciousness and breathing room! We are in charge, not our stuff! Let go of old attitudes and habits that no longer serve us and we will be able to let go of the unwanted stuff that is preventing us from experiencing the spaciousness, freedom and financial security we crave. Now that’s a new way of thinking!

We have to change our thinking about the value we place on our stuff, also. We hold onto our stuff for three reasons: money, memories and “what if’s”—what if I’ll need this someday. We place a high value on money, memories and future “usefulness”. That is how junk drawers are born. Making decisions about what to let go can sometimes feel even heavier than the stuff itself.

However, a very wise part of us knows exactly what to do with the unwanted stuff. The other part of us will rationalize this intuitive knowledge away. We are caught in a conflict. We need to connect to what is really important to us—our deepest values-- which will help us through this conflict.

Move on…

Being organized is possible and it is not an all-or-nothing endeavor. It does require a lifestyle shift, though. Being organized means:

• Resolving internal conflicts about what to keep and what to let go.
• Letting go of old patterns and habits that no longer serve.
• Shifting perspectives and viewing organizing as a gift of time, money and energy.
• Taking charge of the stuff that you love and choosing what to bring in.
• Valuing your stuff enough to make sure it all has a home.
• Pacing tasks in a manner that invigorates you.

Breathe out…

A-h-h-h…. as you breathe in the spaciousness of spring you breathe out the heaviness that causes you to feel closed in. You breathe out the weight of your unwanted and accumulated stuff. You breathe out the embarrassment, frustration, indecisiveness and overwhelm that comes with all the clutter. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you can take charge of your stuff! Open the window of your soul and let in the expansiveness of being organized. Breathe freely once again!

Author's Bio: 

Maggie McCauley is a Certified Life Coach & Professional Organizer. She motivates and inspires her clients, who live all over the world, to maximize their time, energy and space more effectively, specializing in creating new habits and patterns that promote overall well-being, a sense of freedom and peace of mind. Contact her for your complimentary “Activate Your Inner Organizer” session to get real clear, real quickly about what’s holding you back and set up your individualized plan for moving forward. or 207-698-7252. Visit her website at for your free download: Ten Ways To Make Letting Go of Your Stuff A Breeze.