I talk a lot about dreams, if you haven’t noticed! That’s because I believe every single person has a dream inside of them just waiting to be turned loose! Each man and woman has a desire to do something great, to achieve excellence or to go somewhere wonderful. Most of the time these dreams have been hidden or forced inside because of fear. Many times these dreams have been put on the back burner to simmer while a “normal” life goes on.
I am on a one-man mission to destroy the concept of keeping dreams inside and to yourself! I want to motivate as many people as possible to passionately pursue their dreams and watch them come to fulfillment!

But what would you get out of dreaming big, you ask? The rewards are almost endless! But to get you started, here are a few of the top rewards you reap when you dream big!
A renewed passion for life and work.

Feeling tired? Got the doldrums for life or work? There is a good reason – you aren’t dreaming big enough! Get a big dream going and you will see your entire life revitalized and filled to overflowing with exuberant passion for life! Start today. Dream a big dream. Put it on the wall and start aiming for it. Live for it and you will see your energy level skyrocket!
Order will come to your life.

A big dream serves as a focusing point. A focusing point will serve to bring order into your life. You will plot out a plan lay out a strategy for reaching your dream. Since you will be so energized to reach your dream, and since you will have a plan for doing so, you will focus and discipline yourself in ways you never imagined possible before. You will see a new level of order emerge.

A life that ends the way you want it to.
There will come a day when you will be reflecting back on a long life. What joy you will have to be able to be there that day with absolutely no regrets. Your life will end the way you want it to: Having pursued and achieved your big dreams!

A deep sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction.
As you live life there is one thing that hounds the dreamless: A lack of fulfillment. You see I believe we were specifically designed to have big dreams, to pursue visions of greatness. And if we aren’t doing so, we will see a certain lack of fulfillment. But when we do pursue those dreams – watch out because you will see an incredible sense of self-fulfillment wash over you like a tidal wave!

An ability to see others’ lives changed for the better.
Big dreams will give you the opportunity to stand back and know that you have helped others grow, achieve more and experience the best. If you haven’t helped others, then your dream was too small because a big dream is by definition one that helps others as well.

I want you to experience the above rewards and the good news is that you can! You can see your dreams become reality and you can see your rewards multiply!

Here is a checklist to get you going:
Do you have an identified dream?
Have you laid out a plan for reaching it?
Have you taken a first step to do so?
What is the next step you need to do to reach your dream?
What are the rewards you are experiencing right now?

Author's Bio: 

Chris Widener is a popular speaker and author who has shared the podium with US Presidents, helping individuals and organizations succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams.

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