Beware of this Popular Online and Offline Scam

A young man had just completed his military service, where he had received training in telecommunications, and electronics.
Let’s call this young man Bob. He needed to feed his family so he applied and landed a modest paying job at a national telecommunications company. The manager that hired him warned him that the pay was not great, but the job held a lot of promise. The manager told him things like “if you retire from here the company has a great pension and they will take really good care of you.” When the young man would grow weary of the long hours and below average pay, he would hang his hat on other promises from his managers. Promises of pay raises, and big promotions were the order of the day.

Over the years the young man did receive his share of pay raises and a few occasional bonuses. His raises would come at a rate of about 3 percent per year. That would be ok (I guess), except that the cost of feeding, insuring, and providing for his family was rising at 2 to 5 times the rate of his raises.

Before he knew it ten years had gone by and he had worked hard enough that he now had the position of the manager who had hired him. It seems that the first manager had opted out in spite of the promise of a great retirement with huge benefits. His mentor had left the company with little notice or warning. This caused Bob, the subject of our short story to begin doing a little research. He began asking questions that no-one could seem to answer.

If giving my life to the company holds such a great reward, then why did my manager leave?

Why had the company gone through five CEO’s in 10 years?

Surely these guys loved what they were doing.

What happened next nearly brought the Bob's world crashing down. He saw on the news that the company stock prices were soaring because of an announcement that came out over the weekend. What announcement? He did not catch the details of the news story but he knew it must be something great, or was it?

When Bob arrived at work the next morning he was greeted by his regional Vice President and a security guard. The Regional VP did not really greet him, he simply nodded at him an invited Bob to have a seat and began reading to him from a piece of paper.

“Bob, the company has spent months trying to come up with a way to give our share holders more value. The only course of action that the board could agree on was to reduce our cost structures. Unfortunately this means that we have to eliminate some positions. The greatest opportunity for cost reductions are in the ranks of middle management. Bob it is unfortune that this decision includes your position as district manager.”

The RVP handed Bob a small shoe box and continued.

“I know that you have been here for ten years so you may take until the end of the day to pack up your personal items. Your benefits will remain in force for 60 days while you find a way to land on your feet. Do you have any questions, Bob?”

Bob was too stunned to speak. He just sat there in his chair as the Regional Vice President went next door to the Billing manager to read the same script.

Bob didn’t realize it until months later that he had been scammed. How did he find this out, you ask? Bob went on a job interview at another company. The industry was new and it was even in a different state. Bob began to smell a rat when the interviewer responded to Bob’s pay concerns by saying: “this is a good company, and if you work hard and give it your all, the pay raises, promotions and great retirement package are almost certain.” Hmmm????? Thankfully Bob, ran like the wind. He not only got out of that interview without signing on for another multi year stint of indentured servitude. He stopped looking for "a good company" to hire him.

Bob eventually started his own business and stopped believing that anyone or any company would "take care of him" in exchange for giving his life away to them.

Bob now has a successful small business that pays him many times more than he had ever made while suffering in the scam that took ten years from his life.

Bob invested less than one thousand dollars to start his new business and he has rarely looked back. He occasionally shakes his head when he realizes that his recent one thousand dollar investment cost him much less than the his ten years of service at his old employer. It also pays him better than he could have ever dreamed of earning in middle management. He knows that he was unwise to believe the "we'll take care of you" lie. So now he spends his time warning as many people as he can about the scam that robbed him of ten years of his life and then dismissed him without pause or ceremony.

Are you being scammed? If so how will you save yourself.

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Marc Golden is a leading national business trainer. He has started more than 9 businesses over the past twenty years. Marc understands the facts of business; he treats people really well, and knows how to get things done, while remembering to have a good time. These days Marc spends his time helping people start their own businesses.
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