We’ve been told many times about the benefits to exercise. There’s nothing extraordinary about that statement. Anyone, even a complete stranger like me, can tell you to go right ahead and do it because it’s good for you, and you’d believe it anyway and take it as gospel truth. But what exactly are these benefits to exercise, and why should you really give it the time of day?

Benefit to Exercise # 1: Body

A very compelling reason for you to haul yourself up from your sedentary existence is that, with being overweight or obese, comes greater risk for a host of other health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Here’s the unpleasant news for the fat-bellied ones - recent studies have also uncovered an undeniable link between your growing waistline and the threat of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or NHL, a potentially fatal form of cancer that takes root in the immune system.

Translation: beer belly — bad. If that doesn’t motivate you to get moving religiously every morning, I don’t know what will. Maintaining an active lifestyle boosts the immune system, thus helping to keep harmful diseases at bay.

Benefit to Exercise # 2: Mind

Not only will your body reap the benefits to exercise, but your mind will be thankful for it as well. Studies have revealed that exercise can enhance your brainpower. It enhances memory and learning, heightens alertness, helps us think more clearly, and improves specific cognitive functioning in seniors.

One valid explanation for the latter could be that after an aerobic workout, the heart is able to pump more efficiently and the blood is able to carry more oxygen, which the heart then sends through certain areas of the brain in a rush.

Benefit to Exercise # 3: Soul

Tests consistently show that hearty doses of physical activity help improve mood and likewise relieve depression and anxiety. Experts have found that exercise triggers the release of certain chemicals in the brain, like dopamine, norepinephrine, and endorphins, all of which are our natural, built-in antidepressants. This explains why we tend to get a high out of working out and we feel good about ourselves after each grueling training session.

Benefit to Exercise # 4: Social Support

And let’s not forget, exercising is also a great way to make new friends, as well as an opportunity to bond with old ones. The social support you get from engaging in group training or even a sport is good for your emotional well-being and can add significantly to your sense of accomplishment and happiness. There’s nothing like some healthy competition to get you in the groove.

Whether it is dancing, cycling, walking, mountain climbing, or even something as simple as breathing, exercise can and should be incorporated into your daily life. If you can make time for TV, you can make time for exercise. And it’s not just for plain, old-fashioned vanity’s sake; but rather, for optimum holistic health of body, mind, and soul. Coupled with the proper diet and nutrition, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t attain these benefits to exercise and live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

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