You’ve all learned a lot about state control and will know the first principle, ‘you go there first’ and then you take the other person with you. How exactly do you do that?

Well perhaps you’ve answered something like – you know what the state feels like, so you get that feeling and maybe you do it by talking yourself there, or imaging situations when you were in that state. Perhaps you have another answer – which ever way, make a mental note of how you do it and how well you do it for now.

What do you do when life situations are tough and you start out from a negative state?

I hope you answered, then you remember to trigger your anchor for a suitable positive and resourceful state you set up earlier. As long as you have set up strong positive states and you remember to use them when you need them, this will work well. Remember the + state has to be stronger than the – state for success.

However, life can be complex, with on-going or new and unexpected challenges to deal with. How do you meet the complex or unexpected in the most suitable resourceful state to creatively and appropriately achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned?

Well if you’ve done some Design Human Engineering (DHE) you can design your system to cope with these challenges.

What else can you do?

Remember how easy it is at times when you are seeing clearly, in the flow, in the zone, inspired, intuitive? What will it be like when you can feel this way anywhere, anytime, easily and automatically?

Think of a black panther, hunting, complete attention, total focus, sleekly moving poised and balanced, scenting the prey, aware of every movement around, flowing forward, silently, energy building – then a burst of speed, economy of movement, direct to target and swift end.

How would this panther react if whisked away and plonked down in the middle of New York City?

Exactly the same

But imagine or remember when you go on a plane, travel round the world to a strange city. How good are you? Does it take you a while to get over the jet lag, find your way around - acclimatise – before you perform at your best? Can you get off the plane go straight to your meeting and be your most effective?

On a smaller scale, how do you do at meetings, interviews, new situations?

Change, they say, is the source of stress, you may have seen a list some time of the amount of stress points you get for each change in your life, positive as well as negative.

When you know what is coming you can rehearse, prepare yourself; and when you don’t?

Traditionally the shaman is the intermediary, the go-between, harmoniser, communicator, healer – between the community and everything else: the forces of nature, plant, animal, mineral life as well as unseen energies and spirits. The shaman needs to be comfortable and flexible in any situation to act in a resourceful manner, that is his/her role.

Shamans use trance, shapeshifting and other developed skills to move between different worlds and into unknown situations with ease.

Here’s one way you can adapt and flow quickly and easily with any situation:

1) Consider that everything is energy and everything has consciousness of a kind – may be very different from yours.
~* For your purpose this means plants, animals – sure - and also buildings, cities, situations, meetings, your own body – everything.
2) Now you are going to get into rapport and harmonise with these energies, as you might with any person.
3) Start by relaxing your body and mind using whatever method works best and now harmonise
4) – by visualising your smooth, harmonious and successful progress
– by listening to sounds around you and harmonising your hearing and balance
- by relaxing your body and allowing it to adjust, move differently as it needs.

You do these things ahead of time, when and where you can, and within each and every situation and you will notice many benefits.

Ahead of time:
1) Think of the situation/place etc
2) Mentally state your positive intent – talk to the situation, place etc. as if it were a person and ask it to cooperate with you.
3) use your senses to ‘pick up’ intuitive information
4) integrate this in any pre-planning, visualisation, further communication…
now for the Key (Ki=energy) difference, still holding your intent:
5) relax your body, allow, notice and integrate subtle energy shifts within your body and between you and the situation.

You can play imaginatively all you like with this one and it will work even better.

By the way – Ki nesthetic – Ki knows the tick of the universe

This example will demonstrate:

You live in a smallish town in the US. You are flying to London – your first visit to the UK - for an important business meeting, which will take place an hour after you get there. You have just enough time to make your way from Heathrow airport by taxi and you’ll be straight into it. You do have personal experience of jet lag from previous trips to Europe.

Here’s what you do:

1) A few days earlier, relax, (go into trance), state your intent, such as “I want to harmonise my energies with time and place of London for successfully meeting XX with the aim of achieving Y and I want this whole trip to flow easily and for the highest good of all concerned.
2) Now imagine the whole process of travelling to your meeting, its success and your travel safely back home. As you visualise ask for the help and cooperation of all the elements involved, from asking your own unconscious to prompt you with information and take care of your body and mind throughout to asking for a good smooth following wind, so you get there faster as well as sleeping well on the plane, to asking the traffic to flow easily as you drive to the meeting, to asking for your colleagues’ unconscious/higher selves to help promote useful discussions and a beneficial conclusion to the meeting.
3) While you go through this process, feel your body relaxed and balanced throughout. Breathe slowly and deeply and relax your muscles if you notice tension at any point.
4) Finish feeling kinesthetic sensations of energy flow within your body and between all elements of this situation.

It's an easy process and you'll enjoy powerful results!
©April 2002 Susanna Bellini

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Susanna Bellini is the creator of Shamanix, training for the 21st century shaman. An NLP trainer, Master Practitioner and veteran of many DHE, NHR and MetaMaster tracks, she has gained some unusual insights and experience during her apprenticeship with Dr Richard Bandler and her training with shamanic teachers over the past few years.

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