“What am I?” This is the age old question, the question of questions, asked countless times, and every time some layer of delusion of 'what I am not' disappears.
I ask that question again this morning over breakfast in my garden. What appears as an answer is an intuitive sense of the possibility of loving that which I have rejected about myself for so long. Self-criticism, the ancient hobby of my mind, gives way to self-acceptance. I can feel it right in the center of my chest, right where I have fely my self-rejection and judgment. I sit with that. A warmth rises throughout my body. The mind relaxes, becomes still. Then it goes further.
Suddenly I see myself as simply a stream of thoughts and experiences. The sense of the solidity of my body, of a fixed identity dissolves and in its place there is a flow of awareness that somehow projects a body, a life, a whole world. There is no “I” here other than what I am making up from moment to moment. And of course I have my habitual ways of doing that, of creating an “I”, mainly through identifying what I want and what I reject. Both are stressful motions of mind. Both take me out of the Now. Both are unnecessary, because they change or improve nothing about reality, quite to the contrary. They veil from my awareness the perfection of it all in the Now.
So what am I then, this morning? A nothing. A place (and not even that) of mind creating itself and its world out of nothing. A miracle. And in the midst of it there is love, a radiant, pulsing love. That is the miracle within the miracle. It takes my breath away - and it gives me my breath. It gives me the passion that arises when I meet myself in another so deeply that our souls become bare, that we see in each other reflected what we are seeking in ourselves – love. That pure love that we are.
It is a love that wants nothing. It is in itself its own fulfillment and praise. It is God meeting itself as a you and a me. Unreal as the “I” may be when seen through the eyes of clear sight, the love we hold is the cause of it all. And that cause can only be celebrated. It is pure worship. Inhaling. Exhaling. All one seamless motion of God in the Now.
It is here that I long to meet you. To see the wonder of the discovery that we are that pure love reflected in your eyes. I must admit, nothing else holds much attraction for me any more. Once you taste that kind of love all other tastes pale by comparison. All other passions are absorbed by that love. Now even the lifting of the teacup to my lips becomes an act of sublime beauty.
And self-criticism? I laugh. What could possibly be off track in a world created by such complete love? Nothing. And the mind becomes still and ceases to seek its old hobby.
I pick up my teacup and walk inside. I wash the dishes. Worship. I sit by my computer to write to you. Love. Another perfect day has begun.

Sri Nisargadatta said:
"Love is will, the will to share your happiness with all.
Being happy, making happy, this is the rhythm of love."

I invite you deeper into this love affair with yourself.

Author's Bio: 

In just a moment I was forever changed.

I was 18, and one day my mind and heart completely burst open. All of a sudden I saw the beauty of this world at such depth that I realized I was in the presence of God. I realized that this infinite consciousness we commonly call God is everywhere in and around us at all times. And that means that at our very core we are love. God is love, and we are that. Pure absolute unconditional love.

Then why didn’t I know and feel it all the time? In my normal state of mind my life was filled with fears and depression, self-doubt and shame. I realized I had to free my mind and to ‘clean the mirror of my heart’. In this moment I had seen what I truly am and that I was asleep to it most of the time. I realized that to know true happiness I had to awaken.

This journey of awakening took me to India in the early 70’s, where I studied with one of the rare truly great gurus of our time, Neemkaroli Baba, whom we called Maharajji. He was the master of divine love. He showed me that this love indeed can be lived in this world. After he left his body I lived as a Swami, meditating in the Himalayas, and later moved to an ashram in Florida. I got a Masters degree and a Ph.D. in psychology – and practiced while developing my own method of emotional healing, “Awakening the Heart.” I was graced to be able to help many people with all types of problems and challenges.

Today there are 1000’s of spiritual methods and approaches. It can be quite confusing. How can you find the ones that work best? I was determined to become liberated in this life and so I tested the different techniques for many years. Four skills passed the tests. In my experience they are the quickest and the most effective. They can awaken us and put an end to our suffering.

And I wanted to do one more test, the biggest one. I had to know the true power of these skills to overcome darkness. I flew to Poland and spent time in the concentration camp at Auschwitz. It was the place of the greatest darkness for me. I knew that if these skills worked for me there, they would work anywhere, in all situations and with all problems. And I can tell you the skills worked beyond my wildest expectations. I came away from Auschwitz with a profound sense of freedom and peace. I realized deeper than ever the amazing love that lies at the core of us. I want you to have this profound peace, freedom and love!

I now offer the “Skills for Awakening” to those who are interested to overcome the pain in their lives and find liberation. It has been my consistent experience that with these skills we can farther than we can imagine. It is my privilege and joy to share them now, perhaps with you.

Please visit www.SkillsForAwakening.com. I love nothing better than to help you awaken to the deep joy and the unsurpassable gifts that are your birthright. You deserve no less.